Daily Archives: October 5, 2005

iRobot announces Redowl: sniper detector prototype


iRobot, the creators of the fabulous Roomba vacuum cleaner, and The Photonics Center at Boston University have unveiled a prototype system that could help save the military from snipers. The remote controlled system known as Redowl (robot enhanced detection outpost with lasers) is designed to pinpoint incoming rounds from rfiles...

“My Name is Earl” in High Def Rocks!


Viewers of NBC’s “My Name is Earl” will receive a special easter egg joke if they watch the show in high definition tonight. Taking advantage of the widescreen format of high definition, the makers are putting in a joke that only HD viewers will be able to see. During the...

iPod Video on October 12th?


Does the iPod Video make sense for Apple’s line up? As mentioned some weeks ago there are rumors of an iPod Video perhaps emerging based on hidden buttons in iTunes and that Apple has supposedly “bought an advanced audio-video chip from a British company.? In either case, Apple is preparing...

iPod Nano Meets Spin Cycle


The Nano is just so damn small and light people are accidentally tossing it in the wash. Following a warm wash and a dryer spin, or two, the neglectful are discovering that their Nano’s still function, minus a pristine screen. Dishwasher safe. Anyone care to try? Pictures courtesy of one...

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