Daily Archives: October 4, 2005

SanDisk 4GB MP3 Flash Player Just $200


Watch out Apple, because SanDisk has introduced a rival to the iPod Nano. The Sansa m200 offers the same capacity, and get this, at a cheaper price. The 4GB player can be picked up for $200, $50 less then the 4GB iPod. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sport a spiffy color screen,...

Microsoft unveils partial XBox 360 lineup


Microsoft announced today a partial video game lineup for the release of its upcoming XBox 360 due out November 22nd. Microsoft expects there to be 15 to 20 games at the time of the systems launch. Included are: Kameo: Elements of Power Perfect Dark Zero Project Gotham Racing 3 Five...

EarthLink wins Philadelphia Wi-Fi contract

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The city of Philadelphia has awarded EarthLink the contract to blanket Wi-Fi access across 135 miles of the city. They beat out proposals from companies such as Hewlett-Packard. The contract will include EarthLink funding and building the wireless network. The company will also share in the revenue (residents can expect...

AMD Releases $299 Computer


AMD, primarily a computer chip maker, has already begun to market a $299 computer in India and Latin America; regions with vast populations and large rich-poor gaps. This news comes on the heels of MIT announcing plans for $100 laptop. AMD plans to partner with Radio Shack here in the...

Disposable DVDs – Divx Nightmares Anyone?


Microsoft has developed disposable DVDs – wooopteedo. Don’t worry though; they aren’t being ‘eco’ conscious but green conscious, as in money. To avoid piracy and the ever growing monetary loss, Mircosoft’s ‘disposable DVDs’ will only play once, and then the user has to toss it. The price of the DVDs...

Smart Soccer Ball


FIFA – you know the official soccer people who make all that money of the EA Game licensing deals – will begin testing a soccer ball with a micro chip embedded in it. If the soccer ball passes the goal line then it will send a signal. Apparently soccer players...

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