Daily Archives: October 3, 2005

Samsung Launches New Phone – SGH-D600


Samsung has launched a new version of its Blue-Black phone, the SGH-D600. Available in Europe, the phone will feature a 2 megapixel camera, a larger 2 inch LCD, and 76MB of internal memory but stick with its predecessor’s original design. No word on availabilty and price as of yet....

GPS on Blackberry 7520 – Friend Locator


For sometime GPS like information has been available on cell phones in foreign countries. For instance, in Korea, you can look up where your buddy is currently located. Sprint/Nextel has just introduced a similar option called “MapQuest Find Me�. Available on the Blackberry 7520 it will enable Sprint/Nextel customers to...

Electronic Arts announces XBox 360 Launch Games


Electronic Arts, the largest video game publisher, announced its games for the XBox 360 launch on Monday. EA plans on having five games ready when the machine launches next month on November 22nd. And the games are: Need for Speed Most Wanted FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup NBA...

iRiver T30 Review


Fresh off the press is TheRegister’s review of the iRiver T30 MP3 player. They gave it some good marks for the T30’s twenty hour battery life (on a single AAA battery), and sound quality. Unfortunately, Apple’s OSX operating system wouldn’t detect the device when plugged in, but no problems on...

Paramount to offer HD-DVD and Blu-ray movies


Paramount Home Entertainment announced on Sunday that they would support both upcoming high definition DVD formats — HD-DVD and Blu-ray. This announcement makes Paramount the first movie studio to officially back both formats. So far in this war, manufacturers and studios have been choosing sides. Although Paramount was originally sided...

Review: Oakley’s Newest MP3 Sunglasses – Thump 2


iLounge has got a review of the yet to be released Oakley MP3 Thump 2 sunglasses. This is just the beginning of the new convergence devices (style accessory meets MP3 player), and makes excellent sense for outdoor sports enthusiast. That is of course assuming that the Thump 2 sunglasses are...

Dell is a 2.5 Second Kinda Man


Dell is less then a week away from making a new computer every 5 seconds! They will be opening up a new-state-of-the-art production plant Winston-Salem, Minnesota and plan to be producing 1400 computers every hour by July 2006. That’s 1 computer every 2.5 seconds and they hope to supersede that...

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