Monthly Archives: September 2005

Mobile Phone Viruses


What will the first mobile phone virus be? Will it get access to our address book and text all our friends? With high speed internet becoming more readably available on mobile devices its probably not too far off. But one company, Sophos, feels that the threat is more hype then...

Special Edition Titanium Thinkpad


Lenvo has followed in the foot steps of Apple, and produced a titanium widescreen screen notebook. But be warned, its only the cover that is titanium – boooo. The new titanium Thinkpad Z60t notebook is the lightest of its class. – measuring just 1.1-in thick and weighing just 4.2 pounds....

Radio with 10,000 stations with no monthly fees


Roku recently released the SoundBridge Radio which they claim can receive over 10,000 stations with no monthly fees. It’s not powered by XM. It’s not powered by Sirius. It’s powered by the Internet. The SoundBridge Radio connects to your internet connection at home via WiFi and has access to over...

Blackberry 8700 Rumored to be in Tests


Apparently, Blackberry’s new 8700 phone is in tests and due out October or November of this year. The biggest feature to be added is EV-DO (highspeed wireless Internet). It will be carried by Cingular, Nextel/Sprint and Verizon. The code name for the device is Electron. Some of the Blackberry 8700’s...

NEC Dulls Motorla’s Razr


The cell phone wars go on, and it continues to be “thin is in”. NEC claims to have produced a phone that rivals Motorola’s Razr in size. The new NEC phone is apparently .49″ in depth and weighs just under 4oz. The phones sports what is quickly becoming the standard...

Backlit Game Boy Advanced SP


Without any official announcement, apparently Nintendo has shipped new backlit Game Boy Advanced SPs to some retail stores. Previous Game Boy Advanced SPs were front lit. The new backlit model, AGS-101, is available in Graphite and Pearl Blue colors. Its been theorized that Nintendo didn’t issue an announcement such as...

Apprentice winner unveils beauty gadget


The winner of U.K.’s BBC2’s “The Apprentice” show, Tim Campbell, released the Integra Face Care System. As the winner of The Apprentice in the U.K., Campbell was given a job with Sir Alan Sugar’s firm, Amstrad. Since winning the show in May, Campbell is now the directory of Integra health...

Zzzzzz – Dell Launches New MP3 Player


I think the subject lines explains it all. Yes, I am bored with the release of yet another MP3 player. I need innovation, a cool design, and/or a sick ass battery life to keep me excited about MP3 devices. Don’t get me wrong though. I ain’t saying Dell’s new MP3...

Jobs Stands Strong Against Music Biz


Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple computers, is standing strong against the music industry’s demand to increase pricing. Jobs is concerned that a price increase will create a backlash and many people will return to pirating music in spite of the music industry’s “short arms and deep pockets”. We at...

Nokia’s 4GB N91 Music Phone – Delayed


Nokia has delayed the launch of the N91 music phone until Q1 2006. Nokia has reportedly delayed the launch to ensure full compatability with all intended systems, and offer a true competitor to Motorola’s ROKR phone. The phone is to sport a 2 megapixel camera, USB 2.0, and a 4...

U3 Announces Smart USB Drives


U3 unveiled the industry’s first USB smart drives from big name manufacturers like Kingston, Memorex, SanDisk, and Verbatim. But what is a USB smart drive you ask? Well it may change your notion of portability. It may be the death of the laptop. Okay well probably not. But it’s damn...

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