Monthly Archives: September 2005

Business Card Sized Cell Phone


Korean cell phone manufacture, VK, will eventually release an updated version of the VK2100, a phone as slim as the razor, that sports not only MP3 support, but a megapixel camera. The phone weighs just 48 grams and its footprint the size of a standard business card. Samsung in the...

Nintendo Revolution Specs


Reportedly the Nintendo Revolution will have the following specs: 2.5 GHz PowerPC processor with 256 KB of L1 cache memory and 1 MB of L2 cache 32MB PPU 512 RAM 600 MHz ATI “RN520� graphics chip with 256MB of RAM No word yet on whether or not the console will...

iPod Nano’s Screen Maybe Flawed


Uh oh! The device that has been regarded as ‘the MP3 player’ to have this year maybe flawed. Although, we recently saw ArsTechnica beat the crap out of the iPod Nano, there are reports of the device’s screens failing, or scratching extremely easily. One Nano owner started a site called...

Oregon Scientific 2.1 CD System

- - 1 Comment found this neat little package. Its Oregon scientific 2.1 CD system. 2.1 means 2 speakers with a subwoofer. It plays not only regular CDs, but WMA/MP3 CDs as well, and features a motorised CD door. Not cheap though at £299, which is just under $400 US....

Apple’s iPod Nano’s Huge Margin


iSupply took the tiny player apart and has determined it costs Apple just $90 in matrials, and $8 in labor to build the 2GB iPod Nano. The margins of course get fatter on the 4GB because labor costs stay fixed. This margin is consistent with Apple’s earlier iPodq. Furthermore, Steve...

Evergreen HeadPhone MP3 Player – EG-HPM


A company called Evergreen has just released a new MP3 players. This one may only appear in Japan. Fortunate for them, their players stand distinctively different from Apple’s Nano by taking the headphone form. The players come in 256mb and 512mb sizes. The device connects via USB 1.1 and rocks...

Motorola’s New Phones So Says Ed

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Great Ed! Pictured here is Ed Zander, Motorola’s CEO, holding the cell phone goliath’s newest devices. Ed is credited with pulling Motorola back into the spotlight after numerous CEOs, and poor quarterly reports. The right hand contains the Motorola Q, which is a thin QWERTY-based phone designed to compete with...

DXG USA Offers Ultra Cheap 5.1 Megapixel Camera


DXG USA is offering a super cheap 5.1 mega pixel camera. At just $149-169 it surely is a steal, but only a steal if it can produce decent quality pics. After all, high megapixel camera are not indictive of quality photos. Probably best paralleled to expensive clothing doesn’t always look...

iRiver N11 Release

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The new iRiver N11 MP3 player is slated for release October 15th in Japan. No word on if it will appear State side. Expect 3 different sizes: 256mb, 512mb, and you guessed it, a 1gb. It also comes in three different colors and sports a display. The device is decently...

Logitech MX5000 Review


Logitech has unveiled a whirlwind of products this past month, and that includes the keyboard and mouse combo MX5000. Both devices use Bluetooth 2.0 and have a pretty extensive feature set which include an LCD for the keyboard to notify you of incoming email, and what Logitech claims is a...

JVC Everio G Camcorders Review


Forget tapes and discs because JVC’s Everio G camcorder line records right (double entendre) to a hard drive. There a few different models of the Everio G line, which are reflected in hard drive size (20-30GB), zoom lens distance, and still photo quality (.3-1.3megapixel). This means it holds anywhere from...

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