Monthly Archives: September 2005

Motorola iTunes Phone – The ROKR


The Motorola ROKR E1 (pronounced like it rhymes with soccer) was oficially released today. The phone is exclusive to Cingular (no big shock) and will cost $249.99 with a 2 year conract. This phone is the first mobile phone to be integrated with Apple’s iTunes. What’s that mean? You’ll basically...

Alienware announces MP3 player


Close encounter of the fourth kind. No seriously, that’s the name of it. Alienware, known for its high performance computers for gamers, has announced its foray into the world of gadgets. Besides a neat little alien emblem on the player, what does buying an Alienware CE-IV player get you: 512...

Free Treo 650 if you Fly United


Seem like one of those offers that’s too good to be true? Well your wrong. Sure there is some fine print, but the offer is real. Just simply book a trip for $500, or more on United, Ted, or United Express, sign up for a qualifying plan, and receive a...

Wind Up Cell Phone Charger


So since the previous post offers an alternative source of power for your portable gaming device, I thought it would only be fitting to offer one for your cell phone. The Sidewinder, from the looks of it, depends on handcranked motion to provide a small charge to your cell phone....

Solar Powered PSP Charger


As the portable ‘everythings’ of the world get more powerful so do the battery demands. But wait, there is salvation. Enter the PSP Solar Charger. Although this won’t resolve your cell phone battery issues (like mine on the S710), it will keep your thumbs happy and mind busy as long...

Paper Thin Display


A company called Polymer Vision (backed by Philips), recently announced a device that’s screen can be expanded by pulling on both ends (essentially it is an electronic scroll). Thats right, we are talking a display that is thin, not quite paper thin, but getting there. Although the device, Concept Readius,...

Hot Nokia Phone: 8801


If you saw “The Island” then you may have noticed this phone. I saw the flick, but don’t remember the phone. The Nokia 8801 (8800 in Europe), is shaping up to be a pretty hot phone, at least looks wise. The design itself is not new for Nokia, but it...

Epson’s Palm Sized Projector

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Although this really, really small projector is just a prototype it is still amazing. Its foot print is 5.4″ by 4″ – small enough to fit into your palm. Epson currently doesn’t have any plans to manufacture the device....

HD-DVD Launch Delayed


Toshiba recently announced that they may delay the launch of its HD-DVD players. The format was originally due to be released for Christmas 2005, but may not appear until some time in 2006. HD-DVD is in competition with Sony’s Blu-Ray, which is apparently more technically advanced and has a greater...

Motion Capture iPod Remote Control


For anyone whose tried to use their iPod in the cold winter months, the motion-sensor based iPod remote control prototype by Peter is a godsend. You ever try to operate a touch-sensitive wheel with gloves on? Have you ever tried to operate the tiny Apple-brand remote with gloves on? It’s...

Apple May Get Sued for its iPod

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It looks like Apple may have infringed upon Creative Technology’s patent for its music players. Although Apple dominates the market, Creative says they have been awarded a patent that was based on their Nomad music player, released September 2000 – 13 months prior to Apple shipping its iPod. According to...

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