Nokia’s Rubics Cube Like Phone leaked – 3250

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36 Comments to Nokia’s Rubics Cube Like Phone leaked – 3250

  1. sK8er_dUde[IT]

    I CAN’T WAIT TO GET THIS PHONE IN TO MY HANDS !!!4 me it kindda sux ’cause i gotta wait until summer :(( but it will be worth it !!I KNOW !!!! THIS PHONE IS CRACKIN’ :))))))

  2. tonga monga

    i bought have phone going to tommorow amazing looks it off the chain hook ching chi choww chi chaa gAAAA my husband a no home i buy phone tommorow ok ok buy it tommorow very sexy okk okk okk


    3250 is really a dashing mobile .the sound of this mobile is also good,and it contain walk man .this is the best mobile in the whole world .thats all

  4. my mom woullike to buy ths type of phone for me……….ths marchcozher gft to me i hope id like it……………….

  5. i won this phone at leeds festival this year… (mad i know) it is absolutely amazing and is well worth the hype, its a bargin considering what it does- not that i can talk as i didnt pay a penny! HA! no really, if your into gadgets and/or music then its perfect. Would make a great christmas prezzie!

  6. i just ordered this phone….i am now going to order a cup of tea….then i will order an executioner to hunt each of you saddos down…

  7. i bought this phone in the summer of 2006 in switzerland for almost 750 franks with a blue tooth ear piece, and it was worth every penny, but my first 1 broke the first time i dropped it so i had to spend another 649 franks for a new one, and im still happy. im never gunna let this 1 fall out of my hands.

  8. من دو ماه پیش این گوشی را خریدم الان متوجه شدم نرم ا?زارهای آن وجود ندارد

  9. jimmy sandhu

    I got this phone 4 months ago from india the speaker on its nuts its fukin nuts but the reception isnt that great

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