Logitech MX5000 Review

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95 Comments to Logitech MX5000 Review

  1. My first beef with Logitech #1…Have had the MX 5000 combo for about two years now. I had nothing but connection issues with it whilst trying to use the Setpoint software, I finally got it to stay connected most of the time if I didn’t install the software. Now, it seems that the keyboard has given up the ghost and no longer will connect to any of my computer even though the mouse still does. Glad that I talked the salesman into a deal before I purchased it just wish that I had seen reviews like these first and saved myself the agro and money.

    Beef #2

    I own a Logitech wingman force that still works great, and so do a lot of other people, however Logitech in its infinite wisdom and decided not to release any Vista or 7 Drivers for it especially 64 bit.


  2. i bought a MX5000 keyboard with mx1000 mouse on craigslist for $50 and so far it’s been working fine for the past month….

    i found this page doing a search to figure out how to turn off the MSN notification that beeps endlessly all night whenever an email is received or someone logs on or off.

    i did a search before i bought it, “mx5000 sucks” i think, didn’t find this page. Don’t think i would have bought it if i had.

  3. This Keyboard is rubbish, frequently disconnecting, what a waste of money i am in the process of looking for another keyboard maybe a non wireless

  4. I spent most of this afternoon smacking this POS keyboard around, after it once again spontaneously lost connectivity and refused to come back. My patience has clearly worn thin. I am installing the latest drivers now to see if it makes any difference.

    If it weren’t for the highly annoying problems with this keyboard I would actually be quite happy with it. It has a nice functional layout. I have no problems seeing the little screen (and I enjoy checking the temperature to get a second opinion when I’m feeling hot or cold – I’ve learned that apparently my sensations have nothing to do with the actual temp in the room). My batteries last a good long time – and even after it gives me a critical battery warning the batteries will still work fine for another week or more of 10+ hour days. I also really like the side-scrolling feature on the mouse.

    The bad:
    1. The repeating characters lose their charm rather quickly. You have to be very attentive when entering data into spreadsheets, and I frequently have to go retreiving mistakenly deleted emails (provided I even noticed it happened). And when it decides to do the infinite-repeating trick I usually get up and take the keyboard for a walk across the office. Reading the post above where they got the infinite-repeat on the backspace character has me very nervous now – I’d never considered that possibility.

    2. It has been only within the past couple of months that I have begun having frequent connectivity issues. I will be happily typing away and then suddenly no keyboard. Sometimes it will come back readily, other times it will take an hour to get it to come back again. Not cool when you’re in the middle of a thought process, or on a deadline. And sometimes in the morning when I start up my machine it will fail to connect then, and I will spend a very frustrating hour before I can get to work. Not a good way to start the day.

    3. Although it’s very nice to be able to assign custom functions to the mouse and keyboard buttons, the software constantly dumps these preferences, so you never really know what you will get when you hit the buttons. I eventually just gave up on them.

    4. The touch-controls on the left are easily triggered by a stray pinky swipe. I think these are customizable in the software, so you could disable them, but since the preferences are constantly dropped they would just come right back again.

    5. The mouse does hold a pretty good charge – I can go for about 3 days before it’s dead – but typically I try to remember to put it on to charge each night. The problem is that the charger is very touchy about the exact position of the mouse for it to actually charge. At first I would just stick it in the cradle and be on my way, until I found my mouse was dead. Then I noticed that when I put it in the cradle I had to fidget with it – seating and re-seating the mouse, gently tapping it one direction or the other, wiggling the cradle about, and usually cursing at it after I’ve been at it for five minutes – otherwise it would not actually charge. I haven’t found any sure-fire way to get it to work, either by method of placement or MacGuyver-like rigging (and this is my specialty). I just have to futz with it for several minutes each night until I see the little charging lights start to do their dance.

    In short, the time-robbing and anger-inducing properties of this keyboard and its software (and lesser-so the mouse) far outweigh the positive features. My experience has made me very leery of Logitech products.

    I am about to install SetPoint 4.40 (which before I can install I have to install version 4.24 apparently), and I truly hope this will improve my experience. I do recall that installing SetPoint in the first place took a heck of a long time – like over an hour, so I’m not thrilled at the prospect of going through two more installs of it now (after the two required uninstalls first as well), but this device has already stolen so much of my time what’s another couple hours?
    And if it doesn’t make a marked improvement then I will enjoy smashing this keyboard to bits with a nice heavy hammer.

  5. The MX500 is the worst product that I’ve ever used as far as computer gear goes. It has endless connectivity issues. I am so very surprised that Logitech is actually still selling it, ruining its reputation in the bargain.
    Put it this way. I did not do my homework and blindly purchased a MX500. I sold it one week later. Enough said.

  6. Steer away from this over-priced piece of plastic! I bought mine not q month ago and KB has decided to drop out & not connect. I’m writing this note on a tablet-pen with handwriting recognition
    because I haven’t got a KB that works I’ve followed logitech ‘s instructions. But nothing is working. I hate your k B!!!

  7. I got this Keyboard as a free upgrade, as my previous model after 3 years went faulty, so was excited that logitech told me there giving it to me for free. However when reading these reviews, I realized they could be giving it to me as it seems nobody wants it, as it was rubbish.

    Anyway I then recieved it, and didnt know what all the fuss was all about, it worked perfectly for about 5 months, I loved it, admitedly the OLED screen is pointless but hey its there so its cool. Anyway now I know what all the fuss is about. I have had the ” No connection” problem for about a month 6 or 7 times a day. I have put new batteries in, still the same. I am now extremly annoyed with it.

    There needs to be a fix for this.

  8. Got Screwed

    I recently got this keyboard for xmas, and will be begging the store to take it back. I thought bluetooth was better than this? It just won’t connect. Why should I game with something that takes batteries and runs out of power? I have no problem with the mouse. The disconnections are the main problems here. Stay away.

  9. I just ordered this mx5000 from Costco’s website. After reading all 84 post, when I receive it i’m gonna return it to Costcos’s wharehouse and get back my money. I’m not even gonna attempt to hock it up. Thanks Guys!

  10. WORST KEYBOARD ever !! It is not standard sized and I always hit the wrong buttons, whenever I am at home. At work we have standard sized ones, like everybody else… waste of money, not recommended…

  11. I have been using this Keyboard for about 6 months. Although I can use it, it has major problems and does not warant the hefty price tag.
    1: Constantly looses conncetion (so much for furture wireless technology) I have a usb mouse left in for these occasions
    2: Lags alot even when dongle is right near mouse.
    3: Mouse is not accurate and jerky in movement.
    4:Keyboard has a habit of hitting the same key again and again on its own.
    5: Looks futuristic but the keyboard is really, REALLY badly designed. Designed by a mad man I would even say. Heres why:
    Volume tuch sensitive key is stuck right next to ctrl key. When Im using short cuts and looking at the monitor god knows how many times I have muted and un muted the volume. All the Function keys and esc key are miniture. Toltally pointless keyboard display

    On the good side. I found battery consumption not as bad as everyone else is saying but then I use duracell and not rechargables.
    Also when my dongle decided to stop working I got a free replacement in a week from logitec (not sure if thats a good or bad point?) Not good if it breaks again in a few months.

    Basically. Forget about buying this product. And anything else bluetooth in my opinion. My wireless network adapters a peice of crap too.

  12. Not satisfied

    I am currently using the keyboard and mouse combo. I think it is being judged harshly, but they are right. It does disconnect frequently, and the mouse does also. It has cool features on the mouse, but also it has a delayed response time sometimes.
    6.5/10 Nice, but not worth the money.

  13. Baught this combo 1 day ago. Today, im returning it and will probably slap the sales rep that told me its good. Worst keyboard iv ever used, even with latest setpoint software. Laggy key responses, laggy mouse, crappy connectivity, crappy buttons on the keyboard. Touchpad controls are 90% useless and arnt accurate even when they do work. Smart keys suck.No winamp functionality. LCD screen is USELESS. only tells you the date and time, almost impossible to get to work with MSN and constantly changes screens for no reason. I give this keyboard a 2 out of 10. And thats only cuz i like the color of it.

    The mouse is nicely designed, but not for gamers. Slow response because of the power saving function (turns off after maybe 10 seconds of no movement. Kinda useless for any sniping game). Buttons are nice, fits in the hand nicely. 5 out of 10.

    I will definatly NOT be buying another logitech combo set. I hope some people got fired for producing this garbage.

  14. Guys, it’s crap, that’s for sure. But moving the dongle away from the PC and any other electronics really helps a lot. I also suggest NOT to install the SetPoint software – it eats your memory and the keyboard’s batteries, mainly because of the LCD display. Btw, I’m just about to unscrew the keyboard to find a way how to disconnect the crappy display – that way the batteries should last longer. Anybody has any experience with that?

  15. I hate to admit it but this combo is not the best.
    I am using the latest drivers (so I am not just sore and stupid as #63 reckons) and the problem I had when I bought this thing six months ago still remain now, several driver updates later.

    Anyway, these are my niggles (which PLEASE need to be address, Logitech!)
    1. it is a keyboard so you should be able to use it for gaming; it will only register a few keys at the same time so if you want to lean, walk, aim and strafe you are unlucky.

    2. I actually purchased this mouse/keyboard combo to reduce my stress levels and increase my productivity because I spend anything up to 14 hours *a day* working on a PC doing IT consultancy and support.
    What I actually get is increasingly frustrated; the fancy message window is great; get notification of IMs and emails, one button to open them and if they are spam they can be ignored. This is great when it works but when it doesn’t the keyboard locks up.
    The only way to fix it is to disconnect the logitech bluetooth dongle, and plug it in again and then wait a few minutes for everything to start working again.
    So much for increased productivity.
    It also pisses off people who have an irate customer on the phone and are asking for advice because they think you are ignoring them during the interim when you cannot type…

    3. if the keyboard is left alone for a while it goes into “sleep mode” to save the batteries – great; but your next keypress gets repeated so instead of typing “next” you type “nnext”.
    Which is a pain in the bum when you are typing passwords all day; look up the password, type it in, fail (because you typed “password” and the keyboard did “ppassword”).
    So you get to wait until you can log in again.
    So much for increased productivity.

    Plus points:
    1. it is cordless and this works for me…
    Initially my mouse and keyboard had alot of lag but I moved the Logitech dongle to the front of my PC (front USB port) and since have had only occassional problems.

    2. great battery life; my mouse lasts, off a full charge, about 4 days.
    It is easy to forget to plug into the charging dock of an evening so it gives you a few chances to remember.
    The keyboard uses AA cells – I use rechargable NMh which last about a month – absolutely brilliant

    3. convenience – when it all works it *can* increase productivity.

    4. it is comfortable and well laid out.

    So, there you go, the good and the bad; I am just keeping my fingers crossed for the above bugs to get resolved…

  16. I’ve had the MX5000 combo for a few months, and aside it losing connection once or twice a day (and thus repeating a keystroke when it comes back – a nasty feature if you’re deleting something, for example) it has had no problems.

    The mouse doesn’t lag and the batteries last around a week for the mouse and a month + of 8 hour office work for the keyboard (Ni-Mh 1300A rechargeables).

    The annoying touch-sensitive controls on the left side can be disabled in the drivers (my hand was constantly hitting them) and the keyboard feel is just right for office work. The mouse is pretty comfortable to use too, and I say this a someone who normally doesn’t like large mouses.

    LCD is handy and there’s no problem reading it even though I’m sitting under a florescent lamp (the temp reading is handy – 77F in the office now, bah :P ).

  17. Bought this about a week ago, Works Great works on the top floor room in hte basement, HAvent had any problems with it, What are u guys doing wrong?

  18. Stephen from BC

    I had problems with this from setup. It will disconnect about every 13 minutes. First i though It was other usb connections or a faulty product. I returned my keybord and mouse and got another one and it worked for about 3 days until I got the same problems. Keybord and mouse make a disconnect sound from the usb then the mother board beeps and all you can do is restart the coomputer manually. I really wanted this keyboard and mouse. I will be returning this crap again and getting someting from microsoft or anyone else. I though Logitech was a reliable brand and never had problems before. I have the same problems as the guy above me and from reading all these comments I have decided that Logitech dosent deserve my business. Buy the MX5000 if you want extreme dissapointment and like going back for returns.

  19. They should have colored this keyboard brown like the turd it is. I have traded this keyboard twice in the past year and a half. I have upgraded Setpoint many times and I have had more problems than I care to mention (I have a bit of a masochistic streak). I figured a company with Logitech’s history would eventually be able to address them. The latest problem started a few weeks ago when the periodic keyboard reconnect started to be accompanied by a complete computer lockup. It was just amazing to press a key on the keyboard, hear the windows reconnect beep and not get anything to again until you power cycled the computer. I have since decided that the keyboard looks better cut in half in the trash bin. I still continue to use the mouse.

  20. i’m typing this with an on-screen keyboard because i use this product and it doesn’t connect. the mouse is fine mostly, it sometimes freeze and i have to use my tablet pen to wake it up. the keyboard has problems like repeating the first letter i type as some peope noted above. i got it for x-mas but i definately recommend to not waste $ on this product.

  21. Hmm, there seem to be a large number of British posters, which makes me wonder if this is a small group of unhappy people posting a lot. I distrust eBay’s ratings for the same reasons. Anyway, i also can’t imagine people spending the amount of money posted…There’s a vast amount of singles and combos out there for way less money. Right now, costco has this on sale for $85 (actually 9/4/07). even the undiscounted price is only $110. Not sure i’d spend even that much for the combo. I’ve found that wireless mice and keyboards really suck up batteries…

  22. Avoid this product.

    I’ve had all imaginable problems with this + some more. Mouse disconnects avery 5 minutes for 20seconds and then responds really slow for a while. Keyboard gets stuck on transmitting letters a few times a day and i end up with 400 x letter “e” on my screen or something similar. Thats just to mention 2 of the problems I have experienced in the last 10 minutes.

    Theres lots of more to complain about but its useless. Just dont buy this setup.

    ps. I do know something about computers, software and drivers so dont count this as an user error…

  23. @dachampjonny:
    Not really. I bought one for a pretty good deal on eBay, thought I’d give it a try. It works fine in basic RF mode, but you cannot use any of the media buttons/features, and there is a really bad lag when typing. I spent a lot of time on the phone with Logitech, and browsing their forums, and the same type of problems still exist, as of SetPoint versoin 3.30. They released a patch in January, but the patch made things worse for me. SetPoint has always sucked, to be honest. Thinking about getting the new M$ “Ultimate Keyboard”: Desktop 8000. The thing that makes me so mad is, Logitech is pretending that this does not exist!

  24. dachampjonny

    hey, looking at getting this, and am really wondering if some of these issues have been fixed with the new patches. looked on logitech site, and it said it was fixing connection issues… just wondering some of your luck. TY in advance :)

  25. Clearly alot of you are not ‘techies’ im having no problems with my lovely new keyboard, occasionally i push the volume or zoom pads, but i will get used to it .

    My main problem is finding games that work with it.

  26. I havnt had any issues at all with the mx5k combo…. Makes me wonder what the heck you all are doing to this beatiful piece of equipment.

  27. I think its an awsome product. Ever Since i bought it i have had no problems with disconnects, double keys. Pretty much no problems at all.

    I don’t understand why this product works and doesn’t work for others…

    Anyway it would be nice if it had a backlight on the LCD.

  28. Well, I did have most of these issues after I got the set, however I recently had new carpet put in my house and the extension cable for the dongle got crushed. I was forced to plug it directly into the front of my system. Now she works like a dream. Certainly not the bestest ever set up for gaming, but it is functional and I can still waste just about anyone in UT with this. It’s just a little more jerky than I would like on the mouse.

    In regards to the keyboard, about once a month it decides to maniacally repeat keystrokes (on just one key, on just one occasion) but aside from that, it’s brilliant. I was seriously about to chuck it, but it’s decent, not great, but it has a good feel and good functionality for what I do most of the time. (which, btw, is mostly coding and a bit of graphics design (which, btw, is where this mouse really shines))

  29. RE #63: Mark. I’m on Setpoint I’ve clean installed.The drivers are up to date I’ve disabled all the features possible. I’ve spoken to Logitech three times And this piece of shit still lags and drops out of connectivity.

    This combo IS SHIT (see I can shout too)

  30. This logitech mx5000 keyboard and mouse is just bad logic! Piece of garbage not worthy of landfill space. In twenty years of computing I have yet to see anything as bad as this LOGITECH product.

  31. You’re all a bunch of sore people. I’ve got TWO of the MX5000 and they BOTH work brilliantly. It’s just a SIMPLE CASE of UPDATE THE FREAKING DRIVERS. It even comes with a HUGE YELLOW PIECE OF PAPER telling you to do so!

    And if you HAD read the reviews, either before or after, you’d know that this is a fantastic keyboard/mouse combo for PRODUCTIVITY (not gaming), and you would also know that all of the little problems you’ve all been complaining about have been fixed in the v2.6 of Setpoint (or above, they’re up to v3.1 or something now).

  32. Ok so a lot of us were stupid enough to buy this piece os SHT without reading the reviews. So what we do now? Ianyone has a sollution, Logitech has said something? I cannot return the Item so I have to live with it but something must be possible or not?

    PS: Lag on mouse and kbrd disconects sometimes. Had my computer in vista and returned to XP thinking vista was the problem. I

  33. i bought this MX5000 combo for about $190 (i thought i was getting a good deal (its RRP on the logitech site was $270) i tought he knocked the price down cos i just spent a further $1K at a computer store). i bought it without knowing to much about it. the bluetooth idea was cool!


    i only stumbled onto this forum while browsing for solutions for well… “every problem listed here”

    i had difficulty connecting and it would drop out regualry, i tired the “solutions” like update drivers/software, use the USB extention. And what a waste of 104mb, as these did nothing.

    enough was enough, after reading this forum i packed it back up and took it back after been only used for about 3 hours (i even used my own batteries), with hopes of swaping it was the G11/G15 keyboard and a mouse.

    i walked on in to Austin Computers and asked if i could swap it for another model keyboard. “why” he said, i came out clean and said its crap and mentioned that 55 people (on this site) are haveing thess problems and i started getting them too. he found it hard to believe and said he had one of these keyboards and has had no problems at all plus he claimed he can get a range of upto 40m! “cough” bull $h!t “cough” i laughted and said dream on, mobile phones havent even got that range on them yet. (10m max, i could be wrong about the phones range, but its a keyboard we are talking about here)

    he wasnt going to swap it for anything other that another MX5000 because its “technically” he said, nots faulty. i said i was willing to swap it for something of equal value and plus i was thinking of even buying more stuff like a HDD.

    OK, the fun starts again – after 20 minutes with these tosers i had no choice but to take another one – i really dont know why i bother opening it from the box (i should have sold it on Ebay). but i have always liked logitech and thought maybe it was just a bad batch and should try it again.

    i still get connection problems and lagged typing and the biggest shock i have found – the bluetooth software logitech recomend using with the setpoint drivers, is that it KILLS PC’s – i was getting an “average” FPS in F.E.A.R on maxmium graphis of about 125fps – BEFORE THIS KEYBOARD

    after i ran the benchmark test again with no graphic chances and got an average FPS of only 27fps.

    i disable the MX5000 and ran the test again and instantly went up to 125+

    i am now at my witts end and about to cry away $190 to the bin!!!

    Logitech you might have lost your self another life long dedicated customer.

    I BEG YOU DONT GET THIS KEYBOARD and Think Again About Shopping At Austin Computers (in WA) For They Will Do Anything For A Sale And Dont Give A Crap About YOU.

    53. WestOz, was a lucky one that Harvey Norman swapped it for him., in only 5 mins.

  34. I got this combo as a present.

    As a desktop keyboard/mouse combo its fine,

    but for gaming FORGET IT!

    Causes Lag in gameplay (dont why but it does)

    Fails to respond at crucial moments

    Has just been bounced across the room and substituted for my old Microsoft wired mouse and keyboard.


    • Ums.. you having trouble playing game one the MX5000?? You have the latest update?? Mine work perfectly fine.. I play F.E.A.R on it.. and not to mention I was able to play Crysis as well. No lag, No freeze up, nothing.

  35. Has anyone noticed that the fricken keys are a touch smaller on the keyboard or just closer spaced.. I can touch type with any other keyboard … but i have so many poroblems with this keyboard.

    And then as a designer I always mute/unmute the volume … zoom zooom out all the time without wanting too. I had the previous Bluetoth keyboard and had no problems

    Logitech went back with this keyboard

  36. I got the logitech mx-5000 for free and after reading all these comments im putting it on ebay.I’m not even gonna bother with it.

  37. Trans Am Wonderland

    Like the mouse, but this thing has too many issues to give it a positive review. Got a new computer last week and hooked it up without installing software and not having any issues with it now (I’ll keep my fingers crossed) except I just can’t adjust any settings :(

    I find my keyboard batteries last at least 3 months and my wife and I are on it several hours a day. Maybe everyone else is using rechargables???

    By the way… for everyone having problems with the keyboard typing in extra characters, you can fix that in your keyboard settings. WISH I KNEW THAT WHEN I FIRST HAD IT. Nothing like placing a bet online and entering $77 instead of $7 and losing! ~%^&(*&^#~#@!$%#$@~#!$@%#^$&*%(#~@%!##%&^%$#$ THANKS LOGITECH.

    AND THIS RETAILS FOR HOW MUCH!!! you should be ashamed, glad I bought it @ 50% off, but it was still too much for what I got.


  38. As was already mentioned – I thought it is real crap. Mouse had lag, the letters appeared twice sometimes, sometime it took 2 seconds until I got response from key pressed or mouse move. Then I realized that if I put USB receiver into front panel (My PC is in other room and I thought direct visibility can be an issue), situation got slightly better. Then I decided to give this device last chance and bought a USB cable, and since then I dont have a single trouble with it. Now I am satisfied, if Logitech adds USB cable into the package, they would have many more satisfied customers :-)

    • Ums.. when you first buy the Logitech MX5000 Keyboard and Mice combo. It should come with a 3 foot USB cable made just for the Logitech set. Mine came with it. It a 3ft USB with a base on the other end where you can hook the bluetooth receiver. its sit on a 45 degree angel. Look nice. Althought the mice is rechargable, Logitech should at least made the Keyboard rechargable as well. Oh well I bought a set of rechargable battery for it anyways..

  39. Hey thanks guys, got up this morning ready to buy this one. Glad i did some homework. I was actually entertained reading this page, especially # 17, Mr. Jones. Not to minimize your frustration, but i haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

    I think i’ll just settle for the microsoft desktop elite. A friend has one and it works great.

  40. Well, pretty much ditto to all the above. I’ve been a Logitech fan ever since I bought my 1st Logitech keyboard/mouse cordless combo (iTouch) over 6 years ago. Although the mouse was ball type, the whole package was high quality and went the distance; I only decided to replace it as it was getting a little tired, having been in service to 3 desktop PC’s over that time.

    Since the MX5000 was on special just before Christmas 06, down from AU$269 to $184 after some haggling with the Harvey Norman sales dude, I went home with high expectations based upon the ever reliable Logitech name, that I was gonna have a kickass keyboard/mouse combo.

    Alas, not to be. After two months of lag, disconnections, random keystroke repeats (especially that backspace key for some reason, causing work to disappear before your eyes), freeze ups (both recoverable & non-recoverable) un-installation & re-installation of drivers/software, tweaking of process priorities, moving hubs, trying different ports, Googling, I gave up.

    Bundled the whole thing up, went down to Harvey Norman. I spent less than 5 minutes explaining to the IT guy, he wrote me a full credit on my receipt and it was time to choose again. I would have maybe gone for the MX3200 being RF & not bluetooth, but none in stock; so I went for the MS Wireless Laser Desktop 6000, kind of a poor cousin to the MX5000 but quite functional.

    Within minutes of returning home, all was well.

    Haven’t had a problem since. Sorry, Logitech, ya missed the mark with this one, big time. I still luvs ya, but ya gonna have to lift ya game. Maybe next time I’m looking for a combo, I’ll check out the Logitech merchandise and THEN check the reviews before buying.

  41. When I first installed my MX 5000 ,not only did it drop the connection several times a day, but the keyboard would show “no connection” and SetPoint would show that it was connected! (which it wasn’t). After uninstalling and downloaning the latest versions of the Bluetooth software and Setpoint, it ran much better. I then ran WinDoctor and found numerous problems, most of which WinDoctor was able to repair. There were, however, seven files that WinDoctor couldn’t find. Eventually I found one of them buried deep within C:\ Windows\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft.VC80.ATL_etc,etc and the other six in C:\Windows\WinSxS \x86_microsoft.MFC_etc,etc. After copying them to the required locations, both key board and mouse have worked flawlessly ever since. I now feel that I have an excellent product, but that I shouldn’t have been put through the ordeal.

  42. I bought the MX5000 bundle and I am not very happy with this product either. I dont have connection problems like the others but the key repeat is driving me nuts! extra characters in a password, multiple emails being deleted – so much for f**kin Bluetooth 2.0. My previous radio frequency cordless bundle was far better than this piece of plastic. the display on the keyboard? honestly, you can see whether you have emails and whether someone signed on to your MSN on your monitor!! whats the point? Has anyone tried using the menu on the keyboard? anything happened apart from browsing the menu? nothing on the menu is worth a damn! The mouse is brilliant on the other hand apart from the slight lag – guess it goes into standby within a few seconds of inactivity. i would give it 6 out of 10 – anyone considering to buy it, stay away from this. Am running setpoint 3.15 with native windowsXP bluetooth stack. the blue tooth dongle is sitting under my monitor via usb so no connection problems apart from the lag. Otherwise, its good but not worth the 270 australian dollars. there are far better products cheaper than this.

  43. Very Poor Product!!!
    I work for best buy in Winnipeg and I have always praised logitech for their product and quality control. This foray into a bluetooth desktop is terrible. I owned it for 9 months and initially once every couple of days while using it the KB and Mouse would not respond after a couple of hours of use. I attributed this to possibly lack of ram. Sp I upped it to 1 GB of Ram same problem. Possibly underpowered Power Supply 500w installed now. Maybe a bad USB port installed a PCI USB 2.0 Card same problem but now becoming more frequent. I then went out and purchsed a new Bluetooth dongle as it could have been a bad transmitter….. nope same thing. I made sure to be using the newerst software/ /firmware finally after 9 months of frustration I exchanged it to the RF MX3200. Now do I think it is the units or the wireless technology? Well most manufacturers make their Keyboards and Mice RF ya gotta wonder why……..

  44. Curiouse how you move the reciever away from the tower when it is a usb dongle? Also when I go to logitech website for latest updates for setpoint, they do not want you to use 3.15? WTF is up with that? For a wireless keyboard mouse combo with a 60 foot range, why is it that I had to move the dongle to the front of the tower because when it is on the back of the tower my mouse likes to float around a lot even though it’s a whole foot and a half farther away? For those that say it works great, good luck with that , I thought that for a short while myself, lol. Logitech can take this piece of shit and shove it up there ass.

  45. Hi Bell,

    I’ve had this combo for about a bit over a year.

    Finnaly the 3.15 setpoint works.

    I have not lost connection scince the setpoint update .

    I tell ya I was that close to incinerating it.

    I do get a bit worked up hey.

  46. ?Why Medator.

    Delete my post when it could help other people.

    I don’t understand.

    Logitech have new software and firmware for the bluetooth thingy that connects the keyboard and mouse.

    Its only taken about two to three years to get there act together.

    Setpoint 3.15 is what your looking for.

    Hope this helps people that have connection problems

  47. I have also had no problems with the combo set, although it was kinda spendy it works great, just get the latest drivers and your fine. I play lots of games such as CS:S and have had no problems. If you can figure out how to use this set and install it properly you should probably not have purchased it.

  48. I have not had any problems with this set, if you just download the latest drivers from their web page and are patient during the install and make sure to secure you connections then everything works out great. The keyboard is very nice and quiet, and the mouse is very responsive and by far the best wireless mouse I have ever owned.

  49. Well i dunno why everyone cant understand how to operate a computer, because i have absolutely no problems with it whatsoever. I find it to be an incredible mouse and keyboard set, although i did have problems with it at first but when i moved the receiver away from my tower it works great no more random mouse lag. Anyways the point is, is that for some reason everyone here has no idea how to properly use a mouse and keyboard it is a great buy. The mouse is awesome aswell it is very precise. The only things i don’t like about it are its ugly color and screen, it needs a backlight.

  50. Ive just bought one of these before looking at all of the above reviews :-/
    Little scary actually hehe…

    I shall leave a further review and let you all know if i get any problems after a week.

    I would also like to know if Cris has had any problems with Setpoint 3.15and if the Combo still needs burning???

  51. I have to say that buying the top of the range is not always best. I spent 3 days trying to get this working and ended up taking it back to the shop who rfused to install the drivers that came with it and just used the windows native bluetooth supprt..so of course they had no problems with it and refused to give me my money back. They told me to uninstall the software that came with it and I did and now it works fine BUT I am unable to use any hotkeys and now its like a fat damn whale paddling in a kids pool..bloated and half dead. I rang logitech and spent 20 minutes waiting on a paid long distance call before they got to me, only to speak to some guy in India who didnt have a damn clue and just said take it back. I CANT. I updated everything via the auto updates and that didnt fix anything. Mine was bought in Australia so its a worldwide problem.

  52. This Product is an absolute PIECE OF SHIT.
    I have Win x64 pro installed,
    I loose connection, I get key repeeetttttt,its no good for gaming
    I paid 200 Fucking dollars for it.
    Thats 200 dollars i could of spent at the whore house
    I sent a email to logitech to see if they could help me and 10,000,000 peope that are having the same fucking problem, they sent me a abusive email back telling me its my fault,
    instead of trying to fix the problem there just passing the buck on to me and everyone else.
    well guess what i burnt the fucking thing last night now im yousing my $10 generic keyboard and mouse that ive had for about 10 years and it woks great. no key repeat, no lag, no problems at all.
    i will never buy another logitech product ever again

  53. Ray from Canada

    I have had this combo for about 3 months now. Constantly lose connection, then when you try to reconect , half the time it can’t find them anymore. I called logitech, went through there fixes. Didn’t work worth a shit. Uninstalled and reinstalled setpoint about 10 times now to fix things for another week or two. Also the double letter typing drives me batty! Logitech keeps telling me my $4000 state of the art computer is to blame and that they produce a quality product. Kiss my ass and if you want this combo, just go digging at my local dump, as you will find it there now.

  54. Patrick from the Netherlands

    I love the keyboard, however, the batteries run out very fast. The mouse is excellent. I have the same mouse from a erlier model, and I realy love it.
    I had some connectionproblems after I tried to connect my mobile phone though the BT device. I had to decide to remove all logitech and BT soft AND hardware and start over. That was the trick.

    It is also important to use the extension, to move the BT hardware away from the PC. This helps with connectivity problems.

    It does not get a A level from me, but i would give it a B minus

  55. Had this keyboard for three months now. Not that it doesn’t have its drawbacks, but I bought this keyboard for its wireless capability and it works well. I use the keyboard/mouse with and without setpoint software (have two xp installs – one a testbed) with no real problems (other than the obvious diminished functionality of all the extra buttons w.o. setpoint). Also Both mouse and keyboard have very long battery life.
    Having said that, I do find the zoom/volume controls and the LCD to be useless.
    I needed a wireless combo and nothing more and this has served me perfectly.

  56. Lmfao, You guys are complaining about having issues with its connectivity. :P

    Its because you didnt install the software properly, you let logitech have all the bluetooth control cus windows is limited.

    This keyboard in visita will only get better.

    2 downsides,

    LCD should be illuminated
    and the batteries on the keyboard only last 3 months full use.

  57. I bought this today without looking at any reviews, thinking that Logitech has a good name and their top product would be fine. Not feeling so good after reading all of these reports! Took me a few goes to get it all up and running, used the install CD and did the update to setpoint 2.6. So far its been running great, everything working, no lag, no connectivity problems. Will keep using it for a week and see how it goes…

  58. I would strongly recommend against purchasing the MX5000. When I first got it, it would not work at all. I had previously installed the WIDCOMM bluetooth drivers, and nothing I could do would uninstall them to the point that I could install the MX5000. I eventually reinstalled XP, which worked, but quite a pain. Whether or not I use SetPoint, I get doubled letters several times a day, and “stuck” letters at least once a week. This is a severe problem- when I hit the delete key to get rid of junk email, it often deletes the next one as well. One time it sent 49 emails to the trash can. This could be disastrous for a business. I have tried moving the receiver many times, and I have turned off all other 2.4MHz devices I have, but the problem persists, leading me to believe it is not a communications problem but a bug in the keyboard firmware. I have emailed their tech support many times with no response. Their forums are full of others posting the same issues.

  59. Have to agree – loses connectivity all too often, only way to get any semblance of order is to re-install all the drivers time after time.

    I wish i had read these reviews before i bought this fcking lemon !

  60. Just bought this, and it is the worst Keyboard mouse combination.

    Major lag and connectivity problems

    DONT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. erhm,… i dunno if this a bad batch of MX-5000.. i had mine for about 8 months and had shares of the unfortunate moments with this keyboard. when i installed the bluetooth softwares which came with it, I got so frustrated, driving me nuts , it loses connection like crazy, no keyboad, no mouse, but it detected my other bluetooth gadget. I then just used my old MX duo keyboard to gain some control for the PC and uninstall – did a system restore to it. basically undoing all the installation. then i tried connectiong the keyboard and mouse again but this time wihout the Setpoint software, I lose the features like the media control etc, but at least it stopped giving me troubles, so i guess most likely the culprit was the setpoint driver/ software. The mouse i could say, is also a ‘cheaper version’ of the RF brother. it loses control now and then with only the buttons work but cannot move the cursor anywhere, and i have to keep turning it on and off whenever it happen, it sucks… I regretted buying this combos..The only cool thing from this combo is just the looks and nothing else. Stay away from this product if you value your work productivity..

  62. Logitech Hater

    I bought this combo in Canada and brought it to Hong Kong to use. I wish I had tried it out in Canada because I would have returned it. It is the most aggravating, crappiest, piece of technology I have used in my life. It disconnects for no reason. It repeats keys like nobody’s business, the LCD is a piece of crap thing that works for a few hours, the battery dies so often.
    How does Logitech have the gall to sell something that is clearly broken?!?!?! It just plain doesn’t work! I will not buy another logitech again for their lack of quality and deceitfulness.. I should’ve just settled from some Asian brands. They work!

  63. The biggest piece of crap I ever bought–overpriced and half the time I will be swearing at it because it lost connectivity. I am using the USB extension cable–have been for a while now, because without it, I can’t get this thing to work reliable from 2 meters away.

    When using this desktop PRAY that windows never crashes on you, coz if it does, you will lose both mouse and keyboard….then for some magical reason 2 weeks later, it will suddenly reconnect again–I cannot figure out the exact conditions you need to get it to reconnect–it just seems so random.

    So buy this if you like pain.

  64. MX 5000 User

    I have purchased the combo from Amazon.com, one of myself and another for my friend. They really suck big time. The mouse loses its control often and even gets disconnected! The SetPoint software illegally attempts connecting to the Logitech website even if you click on ‘no’ not to recieve that service at its installation. The program also uses up too much of memory and it slows down the OS interfaces. I should have brought the MS keyboard package instead.

  65. I’ve been a computer user since the first IBM PC. I’ve had many Logitech products and have always been happy with them. But thiis MX5000 keyboard and Mouse are easily the worst computer product that I’ve every purchased.

    The keyboard loses it’s connection at least once a day.
    The keyboard eats batteries like mad.
    The keyboard adds an extra character to all my passwords
    The mouse moves the cursor across the screen at random
    The LED window currently is displaying a 9.- and the number
    “6” for reasons unknown.
    The slide switches for the zoom and volume either don’t work at all or are uncontrolable when I try to use them

    Upgrading drivers, software doesn’t help. Logitech support seems totally unaware that they put a product on the market that is for all practical purposes, unusable.

  66. I got this combo about a week ago and it is really impressove in style, but I have to agree that as $10 keyboard and mouse is more than just a mere challenge for this expensive combo in terms of performance. Hopefully the updated drivers will work (Setpoint 2.6)

  67. I got this set of keyboard and mouse, and I didn’t like them at all. the keyboard allways disconnect from the base and the mouse don’t respose when I install adobe photoshop.
    Don’t get this, logitech start getting lazy now these days, they don’t update their drivers at all.

  68. I agree with the general consensus that that it takes an inordinate amount of time to “locate” the Blue Tooth dongle on start up and the double characters when typing. Don’t even get me started on how difficult the installation was!
    I think I am close to either replacing this or reverting back to my wired OEM keyboard and mouse.

  69. Awesome keyboard, although the LCD does have limited functionality out of the box. (Google for custom drivers or if you’re really ambitions, write your own)

    And the battery life? I use the computer about 8 hours a day and I have no problems with battery power. I sometimes forget to put the mouse on the charger but even then it will get a full 3 days worth of work before it has to be charged. And I don’t know what some of you are doing with your keyboards, but I’ve had this for 6 months now and I’m only on my second set of batteries (regular alkaline Duracells) and they’re still full. I had to replace the batteries that came with it after 4 months, which is incredibly good considering how often I use it.

    The only downside (apart from the limited functionality of the LCD screen which is entirely fixable) is the sensitivity of the volume control on the touch area, and the fact that I still haven’t figured out what the zoom is used for.

  70. Oh and guys the biggest peice of advice I can offer is to use a USB extension cable to get that mini receiver away from the pc case!!!! Do that and you will have an 100% new view on this desktop! I almost forgot that being so long ago I did it. You get all sorts on interferance with it being so close to case and components. That is a bad design. Move it and be happy :)

  71. Wow so many negative reviews! Sure it sometimes can be a pain in the butt to install (especially on windows x64 in regard to getting the widcomm stack to install) but once you have it going its fantastic. Well the mouse is brilliant and personally I love the keyboard as well. Granted it does repeat keys as it wakes up but there is a partial fix for that on logitechs site. All the other features work well. The latest setpoint software is much improved. A bit of patience and this is a damn good product…..once its connected.

    P.S The keyboard used to lose connection in WoW once in a while resulting in me running in circles for a minute or two(was a nice break lol). But hasn’t done that with latest setpoint

  72. Kevin Graham

    PLEASE!!! IF anyone can get this POS to work please post the solution. It worked for about a month then nothing. Re-installed and owrked for a day. Then it started with connection issues again and now the keyboard is not connecting. I’m thinking about putting it on e-bay but afraid of the bad comments. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! RUN RUN RUN RUN RRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUNNNNN. Had to type this on a working wired keyboard. I have a 50″ plasma so I’ll probably go blind sitting 2 feet from it.

  73. Do not buy this keyboard. I have troubleshot it for 6 months. The setpoint softwre crahses. The connectivity is mediocre and I have had to reinstall the software for the keyboard 5 times to get it working. Logitech refuses to acknowledge and problems with the keyboard and refuses to upgrade or fix the software problems.

  74. WOW! Saw thr mx5000 on sale for $119. Glad I came here before picking one up. The mx3000 is on sale for $60 after rebates. Think I’ll go that way – if only some of these reviews are accurate, maybe I’ll save some cash and maybe some sanity.

  75. Jeff Szlauko

    The mx5000 keyboard and mouse are pure garbage!!! I gave up on the mouse months ago when it would just decide to not work at randem times. Today I finally gave up on the keyboard as it once again refused to connect with my PC after rebooting. It has joined the mouse in PC heaven. The setpoint software is also pure crap as it would NEVER make the connection after booting up. I would avoid buying this Logitech keyboard/mouse at all costs… unless you enjoy the feeling of utter frustration.

  76. Sean Jones

    I have the MX500. After having bought wireless keyboards for many years this is easily the worst I have every used. I have to keep a spare wired keyboard by my desk for the regular occasions on which the keyboard loses its connection and cannot be found.

    Just this evening it developed a lag from input to screen measured in 10s of seconds. It also repeated its regular trick of deciding that since you have pressed a particular key you must want to have that character inserted an infinte number of times and fills page after page with the same character. Unfortunately, at one point the key that got stuck was the “backspace” key and I watched half an hour of work get deleted before my eyes.

  77. TWIise… you must either be using a different product or your only previous keyboard/mouse experience was that which came bundled with your eMachine…

    with that said… mx5000 is poorly made in functionality and quality, as you can see by the hundreds of negative reviews about this product….

    If you ever used the MX1000 mouse (non-bluetooth), you’d know what a mouse is suppose to perform like….

    with the disconnect/lag problems asside… there’s a technical difference between the mousetracking of the RF and bluetooth versions of the mouse…. the bluetooth only does 80inputs while the RF does 120inputs (way more accurate)


    and the mouse wheel on the bluetooth version is lower quality material too… the RF version is very smooth and silent, while the bluetooth is “grindy”/cheap feeling…

    I have both so i know… going to return the mx5000 and just get another mx1000 version…

  78. Great wireless combo. Keyboard feedback is nicely dampened, and the LCD is quiant; especially useful with the calculator function. A relative lack of “clutter” for such an up-market combo, thankfully. The touch pads and application hotkeys don’t get in the way.

    For any users experiencing difficulties with the connection on the newest drivers, a computer familization course at the local community college might be beneficial.

  79. Andrew Lam

    IT SUCKS !!!, even my old corded keyboard that I put aside 5 years ago works better. Avoid.
    I wish I did a research before I bought this shitty product. Shame on you Logitech.

  80. I got this keyboard/mouse combo as a birthday present.
    Its a crap. Problems:

    1: always loosing connection
    2: Mouse moves anywhere without beeing touched often
    3: Lag between typing and appearing on the screen
    4: Display only works fine when you install sucking media software u dont want to install, no fully winamp support
    5: After contacting Logitech support they send me a new bluetooth-usb-dongle.

    6:Problems still there
    7: Hands off this peace of shitty hardware

  81. I would have to agree with all the negative comments previously. I am sooooo dissappointed with the MX5000. If I reboot my PC I have to tap the keybaord and move the mouse around while booting otherwise neither will connect. I have purchased a USB Ext cable to move it away from the wireless router. I even bought a seperate PCI USB Card just incase the motherboard USB’s were not firing up in time. Nothing works except many reboots and tapping and moving during boot up. I have to plug in another keyboard to get into my BIOS and/or safe mode. I have bought the MX3000 and going to try this in a hope it all works better. My advice is there are more negative than postive feedback on the MX5000 so best stay away save your money. PS Anyone want to buy one cheap???

  82. those reviews r a bit harsh realy, i had the keyboard for 6months and it worked like a dream, realy loved it! ocasionaly a key would stick but not all that bad.
    as tim eprogresed, everything got worse and worse, keys stuck more often, and it climaxed with the keyboard refusing to connect to my computer at all, even after reinstalling windows. i sent it back for a replacement……so mayb il get a new free one every 6months and never need to buy a new keyboard ever again? we’l see….

  83. Anyone who gave this keyboard a favorable review is probably hired by logitech or selling something. This keyboard is simply not functional and anyone that says otherwise if a LIAR.

  84. I have to agree with several of the above comments re: the MX5000. Connectivity is terrible and uses batteries like that are going out of style. Not very impressed with this product. It is also sluggish when coming out of standby, repeats letters from time to time and is a pain in the rearend when batteries require changing which is about every 2 days. I expect much more from logitech. Have used their products for years and always been very satisfied but not this time. This one too, is very near the garbage bin. Anyone considering purchasing this product……don’t!!

  85. Nathan Cunningham

    I purchase the MX 5000 about a month ago. I read alot of reviews from people saying this desktop unit was junk and how they cant get either there mouse or there keyboard to work. But as far as im concerned I feel its a great set up. I love the mouse (how it fits to my hand and the extra buttons on it. They work great and make surfing the web easier. As far as the keyboard I feel the same i love the touch sensitive area. It works great for me so simple. The lcd screen i also like. It took a little while to figure it out but after a little messing around i got it set up to the way i wanted it. I only problem i do have with this key board is its typing. 50% of the time it has lag with the typing. Example ill be typing out a paper and the letters come up half a second to a second later after ive already pressed the key. Some times theres no time in between the key being pressed and the letter showing up on the screen and some times there is, but i guess thats the risk you take when purchasing a wireless keyboard i dont think theyve got all the bugs worked out with it yet. But overall I give this keyboard and mouse combo a 8.5 of 10 and the only reason i didnt give it a 10 out of 10 was because of the letter lag that it does have 50% of the time but ive seemed to get used to it and it doesnt bother me that much any more I hope this review is helpful to anyone thinking about purchasing this product. Id say if you can try it before you buy it go ahead and see if you like using wireless products.

  86. agreeing to mike and rob, my mx5000 is now IN the rubbish bin !! for ppl who are looking/wanting to buy this product, DON”T !

    bad things about this:
    1. it loses connection very very frequently
    2. there’s always a lag when you type/move the mouse
    3. LCD on keyboard make no sense, you can never see it!
    4. touch sensitive pad on the side is annoying plus there’s always a lag.
    5. the MEDIA touch pad is garbage

    go get mx3100 instead. mx5000 deserved to go into garbage can. grrrrrr

    such a disappointing product from logitech. below average!

  87. Worth the money? Read Below..

    I recently bought the Logitech MX5000 Keyboard combo, and while I love the feautres of the keyboard there are some drawbacks. The keyboard fuctions great but as for the mouse that comes with this product. I have to say that it is extremly buggy. Also, for you gamers out there, I wouldn’t recommend this product for you as it is aimed more toward the office/productivity market.

    This is understandingly for good reason. The mouse is very slow to respond when playing games and very often, it doesn’t fuction at all. While trying to play Doom 3 I ended up not even using the mouse and just going back to using the keyboard and for anyone with experience in first-person shooter games you know how nice the mouse is when it comes to aiming and turning corners. Along with the fact that you firing functions are often resigned to the mouse buttions, this defeats the purpose of this keyboard.

    Overall I would have to give the product a 3 out of 5 stars. If it were possible to judge the mouse and keyboard and two seprate products I would give the keyboard a 5 out of 5 stars depsite it sluggish restart after coming out of sleep mode, but once it is connected and running it seems to work flawlessly. The mouse on the other hand I would only give it a 1 out 5. I could give it a 0 but the button features and scroll features brought it up a point. The mouse in itself isn’t worth it. Overall I am happy with the product from my web programmers point of view, it’s nice to be able to write my code from the comfort of my recliner. (Not always but sometimes)

    Hope this helps those out there looking for bluethooth gaming solution.

  88. I was also dissapointed with this. I started with disconnection problems, but when I got mine, it came with a yellow insert to get the latest drivers. Doing this solved those problems (more or less). It still takes quite a while for it to come back from standby.

    I do, however, love the keyboard layout. I used to have the mx3100 bundle, and although I wish I had it back, I do like the touch media controls on the side and the overall layout of it. I also like the positioning of the “home”, end, delete, etc. keys. Quite functional.

    I also really like the mx1000 mouse. I only ever say good things about it. It works smoothly and presicely where my old optical could even track anymore. Scads of programmable buttons, and wireless to boot, thumbs up all the way.

    But I digress.

    Unfortunately, there are a couple things about this keyboard that make me think Logitech was just stalling until they came out with a better product:
    1. the crappy, limited functionality (non-OLED) screen
    2. the scetchy connectivity
    3. the atrocious colour

    Thanks for reading

  89. I to have had persistant problems with the MX5000 Keyboard disconnecting at random. Mine is now in the rubbish bin!

  90. The MX5000 is utter rubbish. It feels cheap, looks cheap and disconnects with annoying frequency finally diconnecting today and refusing to be found,. or connect for an hour. It is now sitting dangerously close to a bin. Rubbish a real dissapointment from Logitech product.

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