JVC Everio G Camcorders Review

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154 Comments to JVC Everio G Camcorders Review

  1. Hi guys.

    Are there any good alternatives to rapidshare?
    I mean sites where you don’t have to wait or pay.
    I only know isavethis.
    What about hotfile? I heard they also pay.

  2. Hello
    No need to touch or rename the videos .MOD. It is a problem of codecs. Just download and install the AC3 filter codec to your computer (It is a freeware that you can google it). Install the AC3 filter and you can use the programs that comes with the Everio. No need to change anything.
    Just copy your files and use power producer as usual.
    Hope that helps.

  3. Jagga- you, like all Mac automotons, have a conceptual issue with this item. You said you have trouble because the ‘new’ technology hasn’t ben made compatible with imovie. Look at it this way, imovie, and Apple, have faile dto make their product compatible with leading edge technology- again!

    Mac is little more than an overglorified toy and Apple needs to miserably fail as a company.

  4. Juno Brewster

    I was given the JVC Evario 505 and as far as I am concerned it won’t even make a decent boat anchor. The battery charger is not the correct one, it does not seem to take stills on its SD Card and as far as “movies” it is not good. Since I have no receipt, I am going to donate it, the instructions and all the stuff that came in the box to a charity whose personnel might be able to figure it out. The only thing I am keeping is my SD card. I think I figured out how to erase the “movies”, but if not the new owner can see my grandkids and their dogs. This was touted as a point, shoot, download. I even read the book. Bah

  5. It matters what kind of Mac you have. If you have the Mac PowerPC series you have more issues with the JVC files than if you have the Mac with the Intel processor. IMovie 8 isn’t compatible on the PowerPC Macs but works great with the Intel Mac. My camcorder the Everio JVC GZMG360 will work with IMovie 8, I have a Power Mac G4, so I had all the issues you guys have. I bought the JVC sharestation, which is great IF you just want to burn your info to a DVD

  6. Hey SNEAKERS you DO KNOW where you can shove your JVC camcorder right?
    If it doesn’t fit your tight but then press harder until tit does. Next time use that excuse for a brain to THINK before calling people losers! MORON! ;-)

  7. Anyone saying this is easy to use is either working for JVC trying to spread disinformation or just out of their minds. I have an MFA in electronic media and years of video production experience. I also know a Graduate Professor in Video who can not get his to work. The GZ-HD7 makes proprietary TOD files. The software that comes with it to enable quicktime and final cut to read them does not work. The JVC website says to buy quicktime pro, which does not help, and after days of searching for fixes I found a download that allowed me to see the files in quicktime, but when I export them out they corrupt to nothing but a green screen, and if I try to look at them again in quicktime, they don’t work in there a second time.

  8. Grammarsaurus

    For pete’s sake, can nobody use then and than right? The author of this article, and many people of today’s illiterate generation write like they speak. The word “then” is used completely wrong here. Get it right…”than” is for comparison…

  9. Greg Rodriguez

    I have The Everio GZ-MG155 and an imac OS10.4.11.
    It works wonderfully with iMovie, absolutely no need to change file extensions, upgrade software, or anything else.
    Very pleased.

  10. I bought a jvc gz-mg505us and i want to buy accesories, telephoto, video light, wide angle, battery, in a kit of accesories, but i dont know if only gz-mg 505 are usefull, or i can buy a kit of other serie?

  11. Received GZ-MG21u as a Chrismtas Gift in 2006. Was recommended to purchased DVD Recorder. Best Buy rep. told me to buy JVC Cu-VD3U recorder as it was compatible with the G series. Come to find out it’s not compatible. Are there any DVD recorders compatible to this Everio model camcorder?



  12. I have a GZ-MG175EK. The camcorder is easy to use but incredibly frustrating to try and download footage and create movies. I’ve tried Power express and Power Producer but can’t save a project, importing files is difficult and though i’ve used free software to convert files, i cant change them to mpeg to use movie maker. I really regret buying this machine. I wish I had checked the quality of software for ease od use. I am reasonably computer literate and just can’t use this!!!

  13. Michelangelo

    I recorded some video in 16:9 format. Now it’s being displayed as 4:3 format in Cyberlink PowerDirector as well as in Windows Mediaplayer. Anyone familiar with this or know how to fix it? Thanks!

  14. I recently purchased the GZ-MG21u used. Pinnacle Studio will read the mod files directly. Just point to the folder where you copied the mod files and Pinnacle Studio will use them directly. Pinnacle Studio 12 is the latest version but I’m using Pinnacle Studio 10. I’ve used Sony Movie Studio and Ulead Video Studio 11 but prefer Pinnacle Studio for it’s easy of use.

    Like others have found out you must use the non-HC SD cards or the camcorder won’t recognize the card. A firmware update would take care of this but I haven’t found any firmware updates available yet.

  15. Oliver (Post#125),

    I was having the same problem as Peter but since going back to non-HC SD cards I can at least use 4GB SD cards in my GZ-MG505. Thanks for the tip. I just wish I could fin non-HC 8GB SD cards!

    Anyone know if there are any firmware updates out there for JVC cameras?

    P.S. Never had any real issues with any of the JVC cameras I’ve owned. Even my old trusty DV camcorder still works.

  16. I own a GZ-MG155U camera and the manual I was given says this camera will record MPEG2 files as well as MOD files so I am wondering where inside of my camera can I change those settings to record MPEG2 and not MOD. If the manual says the camera is capable of recording MPEG2 files then there would be no point to convert them anymore. So anyone know how I can do this?

    P.S. For my PC

  17. I can’t believe someone actually agreed with Sneakers. They have chosen a horrible format, .MOD, which even after I convert it, won’t play. The Share Station tells me that the JVC
    DVD which I UNWRAPPED from the share station box has “has already been used”. The camera itself records nicely but what difference does that make it is nearly impossible to do anything with… check the internet. Alot of people are having problems getting their footage either on their computer or off their share station. Oh and Sneakers, learn some manners.

  18. Zoom Crazy

    Does anyone know if it’s normal for the lens on the JVC GZ-MG130U to re-position itself to about 20x when you power the camera off? I’m shooting at 1x and when I power the carera off the lens will move to about 20x by it’s self.

  19. changing the filename is quarky…
    P.C. users try this

    capturing(converting) the footage to .avi by using the editing software i think its called power director.

    load the video
    transport it to the timeline
    *initial slices and trims can be made to a video here
    click produce video
    select the create a file
    select avi
    click produce
    name the file
    and watch it work


    There is really no need for panic.
    Just download ‘MPEG STREAMCLIP video converter here: http://www.squared5.com/
    After installing connect your cam via USB to the mac.
    It will appear as a disk. Look for the files with TOD extension and drag and drop them to a folder on your desktop.
    Once they are copied open MPEG STREAMCLIP and drag the first TOD file into it.
    From FILE choose wich format you want to export to.
    The conversion is fast and clean and them you are home free to edit your clips in Final Cut Pro, iMovie, iDVD, etc


  21. Just bought the JVC Everio MG 332.
    Until now, I don’t have any problem to play the recordings on iMovie 8.

    – I connect the camcorder, using USB (!).
    – on the camcorder screen, I choose “Playback on PC” (EVERIO_HDD icon appears on the desktop)
    – open iMovie
    – click on “import from camera”
    – and that’s it, in a few minutes videos are in iMovie.

    I think that it’s only possible with te last version of iMovie, 2008.

    Ceyb *

  22. Did anybothy know how to use the GZ-MG155U JVC camcorder with an external microphne?. Is it possible?

  23. If you are a MAC user, DO NOT BUY, DO NOT BUY this Everio camera. As you can see, issues of incompatibility with Mac software span back at least 2 years. I can attest that the out of the box product (in this case the GZ-MG330HU) still provides no solutions. Quicktime, iMOvie will not recognize the Everio files. Any product that requires you to download extra software for use on a highly popular system–i.e. a MAC, is not worth purchasing. Demand an explicit demonstration of downloading compatibility by a salesman in the shop before purchasing. I made the mistake of listening to a BestBuy salesman tell me this had the best compatibility with a MAC–no need to comment on that mistake. Baloney!

  24. Hello Peter Harris,

    I think it’s not a filesystem-problem that you have, but you cannot use SD-modules with HC. Try the older non-HC Versions, and they should work fine. I’m using my Everio GZ-MG505e on my bicycle and the hardrive is too sensitive for that, so I have to store all my movies on 4GB SD modules. I am using "Ridata 4GB"modules. If I had know that I would have bought a different camcoder.


  25. carlos herrera

    i have a mg155 jvc everio every time i tried to burn what ever i film to a dvd it gives me and error code ff037303 please help

  26. Lost software for JVC Everio GZ-MG77U. I cant find it anywhere the download. Where can I download? The JVC site doesnt have it.

    Also, I have the USB plugged into the camera and I keep getting USB MASS STORAGE as a message. What does this mean?

  27. My husband got me a JVC GZ-MG21U for Christmas 2006. I copied the my videos (unedited) on my DVD recorder because the instructions for downloading seemed to not be very user friendly. Just today I decided to download all I had on the camera so I could edit it and add music, etc. I still don’t know what happened, but, in the end, my camera screen said "No files stored" and there was nothing downloaded on my computer anywhere. The software is SOO not user friendly and I have lost my videos. I’m going to have to go out and buy a different camera. I will never trust this one with my precious momories again!

  28. I feel sorry for everyone who is having problems with their Everio. I used to have a JVC Everio 505- I found that there was no practical way of editing with this camera. Luckily, I was able to trade it for a Sony Miny HDV Camcorder on the basis that I had been lied to by the store’s salesman. Good luck! ev in aus

  29. I have a JVC Hybrid Hard Disk Drive Camcorder (GZ-MG555U). We are having troubles with uploading our videos to our PC. We are about to litterley about to throw this piece of crap out the window. We are frustrated with uploading and we need help!!!
    Please help us!!! SOS.

  30. I have JVC Camcorder GZ-MG77U and I can’t tranfer my videos to the JVC CU-VD10.
    I try with different one and was imposible.
    Then I try to trafer the info to my computer and did not work.
    I do not know what else to do.
    Please if some one know my solution let me know.

  31. I bought a JVC HDD GZ-MG22AG last year and i can use it as normal. I can transfer my video file from camcorder to PC.

    But suddenly today when i want to transfer new video file, i’ved found that my PC recognized the JVC HDD but there were nothing inside the disk, i’ve check the camcorder and confirm that the video file is there.

    I tried another PC, and the same problem happened. It seem like a software lost inside the JVC HDD to show the video file on the PC. Does anyone got idea about this. Thank You.

  32. I don’t know what everyone here is talking about. This camera *comes with* a docking station that includes a Firewire port. You connect any computer — Mac or PC — to it, press “play” in your video editing software and the camera streams video to your computer just like any MiniDV camera would.

    Really, I don’t know what the problem is. I’m worried more about the image quality and lack of a viewfinder at the moment.

  33. so…i thought i was going to be frustrated too, as i own a mac book. turns out there are plenty of quick fixes in this here blog (if people would take the time to read). i copied the videos to my macbook and changed the file extension to mpg. works like a charm…though not with quick time mind you. but thats because quicktime is worthless–and that is why i have used, and will alwayse use VLC media player–it’ll play just about anything.. as for compiling a burnable dvd well, you’re on a computer in the 21’st century–this is going to take a few tricks as nothing is directly cross compatable anymore without updates and patches–seems to be a fact of life anymore. I am using adobe after effects and have been able to open the moves with the mpg file extension no problem. thus i can also turn them into dvds no problem. However if none of your friends can get you the hookup for adobe after effects, and you don’t want to spend 600+ on the program…well…don’t give up, be creative and just get it done for god’s sake. it took me all of 10 minutes to figure this shit out…seriously people… thats my rant.

  34. i have the jvc 3ccd everio I cannot for the life of me get my mac
    that operates on leopard to recognize my upload someone said to use ilife bought it loaded it nothing
    circuit city said no problem
    they are were wrong it is such a fiasco i don’t know what to do
    great vacation videos sad

  35. This camera sucks MG-77u. It will not connect via USB Cable at all. I have a lot of video on it and when I went to down load it it will not connect. Since video is important. I am going to break it open, and recover the data. JackRepairs .com does this type of work. Then I will put it together and use it only to record to SD card Peice of junk. Before you buy a JVC take a look at there site, the try to find the support section, after and if you can find it look at what kind of support they give. Run do not walk away from any and all JVC camcorders. They are the pits, and no support at all for my JVC MG-77u. I called tech support, save your dime they are worthless. Hope you are reading this before you buy this camcorder.

  36. Ok for mac people. All you have to do is open imovie and your files will load.

    Plug in the usb from your camera to your computer
    choose connect to device
    open imovie

    if this doesn’t work close imovie and use a different USB port on your computer. Thats what worked for me. Hope it helps


  38. Suggest Roxio Popcorn. You can download HDD files form Camcorder into codec desired. Burn to a DVD, compress to iPod etc. if you want you can import then to iMove and create your movie. Works wlll. I use iMove 06

  39. Clayton Bourne

    Thanks #35 – disfasia.
    I run Mac OS-X 10.4 on an older G5.
    Just bought a JVC GZ-MG130U – having been assured by Best Buy that it is seamless with Mac!!!
    I tried Streamclip, but that didn’t work for me as I don’t have the required upgrade for Quicktime.
    However, I had bought a Hitachi dv cam a couple years ago that cannot be recognized at all be a Mac (at least the Everio disc comes up as an external drive).
    So I was downloading to a Dell using Pinnacle, and then transferring the files to the Mac.

    I found a great software (had to buy it) DropDV – and once I followed disfasia’s advice to change the suffix from .MOD to .MPG, DropDV converted the files perfectly for import to iMovie.

    My only problem with the JVC now is – I don’t like its inability to take good video in low light. The Hitachi has it all over the JVC for that.

  40. We have the GZ-Mg77u that we use for video for our web site. It captures video that has been compared to that of some low-mid professional models. Converts easily to a format that is friendly to the web for the website, and also to formats for production.
    While not a professional camera, it serves it’s purpose at capturing events better than most. The HDD is perfect for long record times- tapes adn mini DV are not capable.

    Easy to use, easy to edit, easy to download. Great camera!

  41. I have a GZ-MG275E and a Mac Book, both purchased less than a year ago. I just spent three hours reading and trying all advice and free applications on this thread. To get the data from the cam to the Mac, that is.

    And guess what? Nothing worked. Got ffmpexX, Streamclip and Divx… No go.

    It´s probably fair to say that you have to pay extra to use JVC on a Mac, which is bullshit. Come on, surely JVC must be aware that a lot of creative people use a Mac??? Surely Apple know that a lot of crative people use JVC??? What is the big non-deal?

    Huge clusterfuck-up, if you ask me;)

    Let me know if my cam doesn´t need to be crushed under angry, heavy foot!!!

  42. I just lost everything I had on the JVC Everio camera! unbelievable!
    My wedding June ’07, my trip across the US in July, and my trip to Europe in October!
    I was just getting around to capturing and editing this priceless, irreplaceable video, and the camera went into recovery mode. But, guess what?!!? It didn’t recover anything. It obliterated everything it had in it.
    I am going back to mini-dv…

  43. max hastings

    i am having trouble with the moi file extension its dosn’t read it on my video editing progam and it doesn’t read it on video converters can somone plz help me

  44. uhhh, to “urmom” first, by default the everio G’s are set to shut down and save battery if left just sitting on record, if it is plugged into the wall it wont do that, and there is setting somewhere in power managment to turn it off.. Next,, Sneakers and KC are right, I did my research in april got the 20 gig’er from best buy for 520$ and knew what it could do and it does it all and more, not an ouce of issues, I have taken it to vegas, jersey, ney york, georgia, and only wish i had it when i went to scotland last year, but i had a tape driven JVC, which was only 2months old but I quuckly upgraded to tapeless……next – “Noz” wanna learn how to use it, read the manual….

    and for all u folks using a MAc, well try a real OS, like Linuxor a Windows based pc if u cant figure out a mac..

  45. hey i just got a JVC everio G cam and i made some videos and i want to edit them using windows movie maker but its says there is something wrong with the file or somthing like that can any one tell me how to get the videos to work on windows movie maker???
    thanks alot

  46. For all HDD cameras, or most, apple added a new program to their final cut express application which is new on the final cut express 4, the new program is called “Log and Transfer” it shoes all the clips on your camcorder and shows them to you and lets you preview them, just connect with the usb 2.0 wire and iMovie 08 can also do it as well, just open iMovie and on my Everio I just select playback on pc and it shows me the clips and I can import them.

  47. Tried_n_Tested

    To Matt who was having issues with Vegas Pro 8. I was having the same issue today.

    Renaming from .MOD to .MPG worked fine in Vegas 7, but not in Vegas Pro 8.

    You need to rename them to .VOB instead. Don’t ask me why, all I know is it works!


  48. HELP tired of messin with this, i have a Everio burner and used to connect it directly to my HD cam recorder, but now it keeps saying it dose not recconize the disk. using the right right disk, only had this thing a year..

  49. apple just gave me this list of Cameras taht work with iMovie without lots of red tape

    Tapeless Camcorder Support

    iMovie also supports many tapeless camcorders that record to Flash Memory, Hard Drive (HDD), and DVD media. These random access devices use a USB 2.0 cable and include camcorders that support MPEG-2 (standard definition) and AVCHD (high definition) formats.

    Note: Some iMovie ’08 compatible random access devices have both a USB and FireWire port. These camcorders must only be connected using the USB port.

    Due to the wide range of media types and the different ways manufacturers store video on these media types, not all tapeless camcorders are supported. Apple has tested the products listed on this table. iMovie may not fully support other similar camcorders. Compatible iMovie features include device recognition when the device is connected to a Mac, display of import control for the specific device, and import of the video to iMovie for viewing and editing. Note: AVCHD support requires an Intel-based Mac.

    Brand Model Format Media Additional Compatibility
    Canon DC20 MPEG-2 DVD KB# 306110
    Canon DC50* MPEG-2 DVD
    Canon DC220 MPEG-2 DVD
    Canon HG10 AVCHD HDD
    Canon HR10 AVCHD DVD Requires Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 or later
    JVC GZ-MG155* MPEG-2 HDD
    Panasonic HDC-SD1* AVCHD Memory
    Panasonic HDC-SD5 AVCHD Memory
    Panasonic SDR-H200* MPEG-2 HDD
    Panasonic SDR-S10 MPEG-2 Memory
    Panasonic SDR-S150 MPEG-2 Memory
    Panasonic VDR-D100 MPEG-2 DVD
    Panasonic VDR-D200 MPEG-2 DVD
    Panasonic VDR-D300 MPEG-2 DVD KB# 306110
    Panasonic VDR-D310 MPEG-2 DVD
    Panasonic VDR-D320 MPEG-2 DVD
    Sony HDR-SR1* AVCHD HDD KB# 305919
    Sony HDR-SR7* AVCHD HDD KB# 305919
    Sony HDR-SR8* AVCHD HDD KB# 305919
    Sony HDR-CX7* AVCHD Memory
    Sony HDR-UX1* AVCHD DVD Requires Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 or later
    Sony HDR-UX7 AVCHD DVD Requires Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 or later
    Sony DCR-SR82 MPEG-2 HDD
    Sony DCR-SR100* MPEG-2 HDD KB# 305911
    Sony DCR-SR300* MPEG-2 HDD
    Sony DCR-DVD308* MPEG-2 DVD
    Sony DCR-DVD505* MPEG-2 DVD
    Sony DCR-DVD508* MPEG-2 DVD
    Sony DCR-DVD403 MPEG-2 DVD KB# 306110
    Each camcorder has been tested using NTSC models; PAL models that have been tested are indicated with an asterisk (*).

  50. Charlotte Olson

    I don’t want to download yet another program in order to use this camera. I have PowerDVD which came with it. Windows media player. Some Nero crap. And still can’t find out where the programs god when I hook up the cord. Have some n folders on my computer under My Computer but still can’t get those to video. Is there a toll free number or ANY number for assistance?

  51. Charlotte Olson

    Downloading the videos is crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice advice from Ohio Terry. Find you files (I DON’T KNOW WHERE) Think I have 16 copies lost in my computer and STILL nothing burned on CD. The thing is full and should be disposable!

  52. hey all,,,
    those who have macs and are having issues with the .mod file type not being recognized i have a solution. if you do what i say you will find that these JVC hard disk cameras are truely great.
    1) Download the program ffmpegx (free, just google search for it)
    2) Connect camera via USB and select “Connect to Device” on the camera. You should now see a disk icon appear on the desktop.
    3) Go to SD_VIDEO folder and copy all wanted .mod files to your computer.
    4) Open ffmpegx
    5) Drag one file at a time into the program where it says “Drop File Here”
    6) Now select a preset setting to encode to. (i usually use .mov or .mp4 because they are pretty standard…but you may choose whatever format you wish)
    7) Click encode. The file will be saved in the same location as the original file’s location.

    If you have anymore questions u can e-mail me. Only serious questions please.


  53. morris.davis

    Good morning,

    I am using the GZMG130U camera. I see two files. A dot MOD (.MOD) and a dot MOI (.MOI) file. What is the dot MOI file?

    1. First, I moved all files from the camera onto my computer HD. Then I tried the file extension conversion as you stated and it worked. I got my video to run in Windows Media player however, I did not get the sound. Is the sound the MOI file? If so, how do I link the two? This is the same result as the Demo video supplied on the camera.

    2. This conversion did not work on my home computer it did work on my work computer. My home computer and my work computer are both running XP service pack-2.

    3. My machine, Win-XP SP2, 120 GIG HD external and 40 Gigs internal Drives, Adobe Premiere Pro, 1 Gig of Ram and the camera is wired through USB2 connections.

    I will try it in Premiere and Win Movie Maker when I get home. If I can get it in WMM then I can convert to AP Pro.

    Like the previous user requested, please give us more information.

    Please answer the following what’s.
    – What OS are you running
    – What editing software you using
    – How much RAM, HD space do you have available
    – Are you using fire wire or USB-2

    Where can I down load another copy of the JVC DVD supplied software?

    P.S. Do not mess with the MOI files on the camera! I changed its extension to a WMV and killed it. I strongly suggest that you play with it in and test folder on the computer.

  54. I have a gz-mg155. I have spent yesterday and today trying to figure out how to get my material from the camera into a file I can import from windows movie maker for a class. Now, I had to run and buy a fire wire cable. Success!!!! But guess what? I lost everything on my camera! All the footage! Now that I figured out how to do this I have no material! I have it stored on the everio program but I cannot get it back on my video camera so I can transfer it to my windows movie maker………Help

  55. I purchased 3 JVC GZ-MG57U cameras for work. I liked having the long record time and internal hard drive. I figured I could easily edit the videos after downloading them. Boy was I wrong. The file format is not very common and Adobe Premier will not import it. I was using the included software, Cyber Director, to convert the files to .avi. The last few days though I have been having problems with the program crashing before it finishes converting the video.

    Searching for a better way to convert the videos I found this site. Thanks to Carolyn’s post #77, I now have a better way of converting the files. Anyone trying to convert files should seriously consider getting the free Prism software. I downloaded it and had it working in no time. Works great and will do batch file conversions.


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  58. I have theGZ-MG21U. I have been at this computer for 3 days now and flipping out. I’ve lost half of my precious video because the cam just deletes it for some reason. Not happy with this. I found out the power producer is not compatiable with this jvc model. All the movies had no audio., I’m done with this, please someone help before I take a hammer to this piece of ****!

  59. I think I like the camera. My problem is this: Whenever I try to burn my video onto a DVD it will go through the authoring phase fine. Then, it pops the disk out and says that an error has occured. I’m sick of wasting DVD’s on this. Does anyone have an answer that can help me?

  60. Hi, I have Everio Gz-MG20AA. I connected to my laptop with USB and accidentally deleted a folder from my laptop. Is there any software to recover the folder containing .MOD files?


  61. I lost the USB for my Everio, and I have tons of video on it, including my vacation! Does anyone know if it’s possible to save those videos that are already on there onto an SD card? If so, how!?

  62. Hmmm… I’ve had my GZ-MG130U for some time. I was able to plug it into the USB connection on my MacBook and transfer the files to my hard disk… and now, it doesn’t work. I do remember I had to fiddle with it for some time (read “hours”) the previous times to get the connection to work.

    Perhaps the camera itself is not working properly. I notice from reading through these comments that occasionally someone reports this kind of problem, for which there seems to be very little concrete advice for troubleshooting. I’m afraid my machine is way past its guarantee, and so I’m probably out of pocket several hundreds of dollars. I suppose I could try a PC interface to see if that’s the problem. It is very frustrating.

    Also, the sound worked fine before but has also suddenly gone muffled.

    It is hard to determine if the problem is software or hardware. Any suggestions?

  63. This comment is for Windows users. I found an easy fix after days of going around in circles.

    First, go to:

    Download their software. This one is REALLY free!

    It works great too. Install it on your PC.

    Upload JVC files. Go thru all the things they suggest that you do in the instructions. (for example on my computer, the Envirio is stored in my F: drive and are uploaded there. Make a new folder in the envirio file and store both your SD files and your EXT files into this folder) (drag and drop)

    Now make a new folder on your desktop specifically for the new file. Call it whatever seems appropriate.

    Once the files are uploaded to envirio on your PC, go to ‘my computer’. Find the files. Now find the .mod file(s) that you just uploaded.

    Open the prism converter. Drag and drop the file(s)into the prism converter, one at a time. To get the file from .mod to .avi, the prism free video converter will recognize this and have to update itself. (if you’ve got cable, its really quick) The program also wants to know the ‘destiny’ of the convertion. Browse til you find the folder you created on your desktop. Add it. Then click on ‘convert’.

    Sit back and wait. Your new .avi files will be created in a short time! This is way cool. It took me hundreds of hours to find a free tool that was actually free and a NO Brainer to use with my JVC. Whew! You can now edit it and work with it in Movie Maker. *You’d have thought they’d have thought of this and done something about it by now for us!!!

    Hope this helps someone!


  64. bradleydad

    Yup, connect USB, select “playback to PC” and there is your video in iMovie and iTunes. It is truely plug and play, no software to install.
    Now that the street price has dropped to $200 or less, is is truely the way to go!

  65. Personally i don’t like my everio g Camcorder because the picture seems to lack detail and doesn’t seem to be very sharp but anyway….To put your videos onto your pc it’s very simple, all you do is plug the cam in…set it to play back on pc… go to my computer…Everio HDD…SD video…PRG001…Then copy and paste the video clip you want, Done! If you have no sound or picture etc you probably need to download a codec pack. Hope this helps.

  66. OK guys, no problems any more. The new version of iMovie should support this camera as MPEG2 over USB2 is now supported AT LAST!

  67. I have just bought the JVC HDD MG135AA – yes lots of probems with a mac – but they all do!!!

    I know with it being a USB connection you cant go straight into IMovie – but what if I bought a USB to firewire adapter, and plugged in supplied cable to that instead of direct to imac???

    PS: Changing file names from .mod to .mpg is useless and will not import into I movie – I will look into Quciktime etc and see how i go…

  68. I got it to work with iMovie… Hope this helps you guys out as well. I did download the Mpeg2 from Apple ($19.99).. but not sure if it helped or not…

    1. using an Everio MG255US, I docked it in the cradle and used a Firewire cable connected to my intel Mac 24″

    2. launched iMovie and in about 10-15 secs, it read my camcorder

    3. using the Index on the camera itself, I chose a clip I wished to import then on the Mac, clicked import.

    That was it! It imported the clips in 16×9 (widescreen) format complete with sound and perfect video.

    No other 3rd party program was used nor did I copy the .mod files from the Everio hard drive to the Mac.

    Good luck and happy editing. This is a wonderful camcorder… Now to order a high capacity battery

  69. I am having the same problem – when I change to .mpg the ,mod stays on the end so it becomes fild.mpg.mod and I have no access to the .mod part to change it…please help!

  70. I copied my files from the camera to my computer, but they are MOD files. How do I change them to MPG files?

  71. We just purchased a JVC Everio GZ-MG155 and was trying to get it work with iMovie on my mac last night. I spent a lot of time reading blogs etc and found lots of people that said I needed to convert the files etc. I called JVC tech support (which really is quite lacking) and the woman told me that I needed a DV cable and it would work fine. I asked her if that was different than a firewire and she said yes, which is wrong so I wasn’t feeling too confident that this would fix it but it did. I connected the camcorder using the firewire output on the base to the firewire on my mac and opened iMovie, and followed the instructions on the iMovie tutorials. Hopefully this will help some of the other frustrated mac users out there. I don’t understand why JVC doesn’t include and instruction sheet in the box for Mac since it says it is Mac compatible. Best of luck. FYI you need a firewire cable with a small and a large end bcz Mac uses the large one.

  72. I have had my camcorder a little over a year. I had a little trouble in the beginning to find compatible software, but after that I have been very pleased with the convenience of it. But just recently I have been videoing with the quality set to normal mode and instead of getting 4-5 hours of video with that setting it is only showing around one hour. Any suggestions on changing that?…

  73. Oh yeah i forgot….to try and improve the quality…or the viewing pleasure of the camcorder i ordered a wide angle lense. I paid for 2day shipping from fedex and that was on 05/23/07 and guess what??? i still don’t have it!!!!! WTF anyway don’t buy anything from them, they will make up stuff like ‘oh sorry its on backorder…for a month!!!!!”


  74. Let me begin…

    I went to best buy a long time ago and was expecting to get a mini DV camcorder but, in what seems to be the worst decision in my life, was sold up to a JVC everio hard drive camcorder. I thought it was pretty cool until i hooked it up to my mac. It said something like files corrupted or not compatable but i found my way around that.
    There is software that came with it–its called capty mpeg edit ex for everio. Get this software of the disk, you don’t need that other crap. open that up and and click view and scroll down to combine files. it will give you a little window. click ‘add’ browse for you camera, find you movies select them and then hit create, this will put them in the right format for imovie. Once done you open imovie and you can access your movies but you must import them.

    when you convert a 10 second clip or more it will take about an hour.(with my mac it does)
    When you import a 10 second clip or more into imovie it takes 10-20 minutes(once again with my mac)
    The quality is that of the viewfinder screen on my 1970’s piece of crap VHS camcorder.
    My bro’s casio exilm (camera not camcorder) takes better, clearer movies than this.
    ****OVERALL- you lose a ton of quality when you do this…i have no other ideas for the mac, this is what ive been doing for a while and i am sick of it! >:(

    The camera itself has many great features, yes, but getting it on a computer and editing it is a major pain for many people and i can’t even imagine how hard it would be for someone who doesn’t know much about computers. Any way it has been a waste of time and money in my house- i bought an external hardrive so my computer could actually do some video editing, i bout an external DVD burner so i could actually burn a DVD as a product of this whole shananagin (i have a mac mini….yeah….it stinks :D)

    Anyway im currently trying to find out if it will work on a pc…

    except for it’s own software here’s what works and doesn’t work.
    Adobie Premiere 1.5pro doesn’t accept it…you have to get a converter from offline (if anyone has found a good converter please share it :D)
    Vegas won’t take it….once again you need a frick’n converter….
    i hope this is usefull to someone… :}

  75. Hi all,

    Seems like im the only one that didnt do their homework when trying to buy a camcorder. Bought the GZ-MG155U for a trip and was naively looking forward to a straight connection with my ibook and FCP 4.5, but after reading these comments, im kinda bummed now that its too late to return it (I havent even tried importing/copying yet due to the reviews).

    Ill try this weekend and hopefully I can use the information on here to import properly (and I am absolutely not any sort of expert, I dont even know how to use imovie!). If I figure it out or get stuck, ill come back and update!

  76. ahhh(loser)chooo

    wow, sneakers. you just showed the entire world that u a lonely person who probably only bought that camera for personal pleasures, due to no “better half” to have an intelligent conversation with. well…at least it won’t talk back to you and it can dry up quickly. yikes.

  77. I have the JVC GZ-MG505aa camera and am using it on a Macbook pro with final cut pro 5 and the extremely basic capty software that came with the camera. The camera was purchased for me, so unfortunately i can’t take it back…but i find it a waste of time because it takes longer than real time to convert the stupid .mod files into .dv files and then takes a whole lot of time to do anything with…frankly this makes me want to use a PC not a mac. On the downside (AGAIN), once you have changed to .dv in capty the videos have a much poorer quality than the files that you can automatically convert to .mpeg (just by using the rename function in windows i.e. changethe file extension from .mod to .mpeg) on PCs.

    To get sound in final cut there is no other way for me apart from waiting forever for capty to change the files to .dv which is really crap when you have 6 cameras that need to be edited and synced in final cut….because capty can only do one file at a time.

    also, for anyone who wants good quality sound recordings the everio is useless.

    Goodluck to all who have this camera, i hope you have lots of hours to change file types if you are using a MAC.

  78. I have a JVC Everio MG505e. i was a bit shocked when Imovies could not read the .mod files it produces. Apple help in Europe did not have a clue. There is a lot of stuff on the web about this. I dont think there is a complete answer. But if you save the video files onto the mac and then change name file.mod to file.mpg, Imovies will read them but the audio is lost. However Aaron is right. If you save the .mod files as .dv files using the Capty software which comes with the camera (you need to click on the ‘create’ button once you have loaded the file and save them as .dv files) you can then open those files with imovies and the sound is there. The picture seems a bit washed out but you can adjust that in Imovies. I did download the quicktime MPEG-2 view thing as well. That won’t read the camera directly (as I hoped it would) but might help. you could try the above without doing that first. I think it would work. There is no need to buy any video converter programme as far as I can see. (apart from maybe the Apple mpeg.2 viewer).

  79. I use a PowerMac G5 Tower, MacBook, iMac G5 and iBook G4, software iMovie & Final Cut Studio.
    I demoed this camera yesterday, and it works perfect on the mac, any machine and all the software? I don’t understand why ANY mac user is having problems!! I used the Capty software that came with it and saved the clips as .DV files. Maybe people should have a look what is in the box!

  80. Looking for help

    Alright, I’m going crazy. I have been reading all of the threads about using Streamclip, converting .MOD to DV, etc and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get ANY audio when I import to iMovie. I have an Everio GZ MG-155 and would rather not take it back. I have paid for and downloaded the Quicktime upgrade and none of the converted clips play in Quicktime either. Any suggestions?

  81. Just downloaded QuickTime MPEG-2 and it transcoded all my video into DV stream. The cost is $20

  82. girl in need

    Also, after i loaded all the video files onto my computer, when i tried playing the stuff back on my camera, the video index display said that, there were NO VIDEO FILES to show. Can anyone help?

  83. girl in need

    I have the everio jvc camera, and i got it to load onto my comp and i edeited everything well, but i need to know how, to get it back onto the camera, so i can hook it up to my tv, anyone know how?

  84. LOOKIN FOR ADVICE: Young son accidently deleted all stored video. ANy chance we can recover it.

  85. armadillo

    Thank you everybody for your insights. Here’s what I do:

    JVC GZ-MC100 with 4 gigabyte compact flash disk
    G5 iMac
    compact flash reader

    Squared 5′ “MPEG StreamClip” version 1.8 (2006)
    Apple “Final Cut Pro HD” version 4.5 (2004)

    Step 1:
    MPEG StreamClip
    –> File –> open JVC’s “.MOD” file
    –> File –> export to DV (use default settings)

    The DV file is huge (roughly 4 times in size of MOD file).
    On my machine, it takes roughly realtime to convert from MOD to DV (i.e., 1 second of MOD video takes 1 second to convert to DV format).

    Step 2:
    Final Cut Pro
    –> File –> open “.DV” file

    This is (for me) the least painful method, and keeps audio and video synced.

    There are other ways (such as demuxing .MOD to .M2V and .AIFF files separately) that result in somewhat smaller file sizes (still larger than the original MOD file). These may be good choices if you want to split audio and video.

  86. Forrest Ladkin

    Hi, I have just bought the NEW JVC Everio Full HD that records in 1080i, i can get into iMovie using The USB 2.0, but when you play it, it stutters (repeats every half a second) i have tried doing it many different ways and it still wont work, it comes with a fire wire port, iMovie will recognse the camera is there but you can import let alone watch it play, CAN ANY ONE HELP???!!!

  87. help4all


    keyword: ffmpegx

    this will help you transfer so you can use your everio footage on macs!!!

    WOOOO!!! goodluck. sincerly the absolute smartest hardworking geniouses

  88. I have been reading this, as well as other forums to try to transfer my video from my Evario to my PC and then to DVD or a video that I can upload to MYSPACE. With Powelink Power Director/Producer, I can transfer it to a DVD, but saves the files as .pds (vs. .mod) which myspace does not support. I have manually changed the file extensions to .mpg, .mpeg, .avi etc. The icon changes to a Windows media icon, yet the files will still not open. I am at my wit’s end with this camera and am ready to chuck it, but I have some very important video that I need to upload to the internet. Is there anyplace that anyone knows of that gives a step by step tutorial on how to do this on Windows? I can really use the help. Thanks….

  89. I have a JVC Everio. It came with Powerdirector and Power Producer express. I purchased Cyberlink Powerdirector and things were fine, yesterday I purchased and installed Power Producer3 and now audio in PowerDirector doesn’t work when I do production. Audio works fine in the media library portion of the app. Anyone else?

  90. Sorry read this one —For Mac users– after reading all the comments I think I have it!! There is sound and quality..
    1. Upgrade to QuicktimeMPEG2 see http://www.apple.com/quicktime/mpeg2 – this enables u to read the raw JVC files that are MPEG-2 format even though the file extension says MOD -US$20 –
    then change the the raw JVC files MOD file extension to MPG file extension to view files in Quicktime Player

    If you have Quicktime Pro you can compress and send video clips via email or for websites etc…

    2. Download MPEG Streamclip 1.8 -FREE http://www.squared5.com/svideo/mpeg-streamclip-mac.html
    This enables u to convert into MOV files into DV files compatible with iTunes and iMovies
    So far so good.. this works fine for now.. not got to the editing of movies stage yet but will keep posted if anyone is interested

  91. For Mac users– after reading all the comments I think I have it!! There is sound and quality..
    1. Upgrade to QuicktimeMPEG2 see http://www.apple.com/quicktime/mpeg2 – this enables u to read the raw JVC files that are MPEG-2 format even though the file extension says MOV -US$20 – If you have Quicktime Pro you can compress and send video clips via email or for websites etc…

    2. Download MPEG Streamclip 1.8 -FREE http://www.squared5.com/svideo/mpeg-streamclip-mac.html
    This enables u to convert into MOV files into DV files compatible with iTunes and iMovies
    So far so good.. this works fine for now.. not got to the editing of movies stage yet but will keep posted if anyone is interested

  92. Hubby got me a JVC Everio. Takes good video, transferred to Power Director software okay and my daughter made a movie for school project. Added movie clips, WAV clips and mp3 clips, it plays great on preview mode but when I ‘produce’ the movie I get video but no audio??? Any help would be appreciated.

  93. Berwin Bungalow

    Got the JVC Evario…it sucks. Technically, it may be ok, but the compatibility and software issues make it a piece of garbage. I would recommend buying a CD Camcorder. Until they modify this JVC software, I will continue to use my new camera as a paperweight. Good luck.

  94. Kai Jenski

    I love my camera, it takes nice snapshots and it’s easy to use, but I’m having problems uploading the video. I’ve got an Everio GZ-MG21U. Up at home I can understand it not working with my mac, it’s ancient, but I’m at a friends who has a MacBook that’s running at top speed. It’s running 10.4.8 which isn’t one of the specific upgrades that the camera works with, but it should be all-inclusive, it’s a mac.

    I’ve changed the file names to .mpg but it just tells me that the file goes corrupt when I do that.

    Any tips, or should I just go find someone with a PC?


  95. I love my camera for the most part – got it as a gift so I didn’t research the issues I’d have with a mac. Spent all day figuring out I need mpeg streamclip and an the mpeg-2 player upgrade for Quick Time. In theory that should do the trip, but I’m getting crummy quality video. Hopefully someone can help me figure out why. If I can get good video coming out of final cut express, I’ll be totally satisfied with this camera (though I do wish it had an audio in jack for a mic).

  96. noz, fuck you, you are a dumbass for callin sneakers an ahole, he actually got what he needed on his computer to do the shit that he needed to do and fuckin read how to do it, you all are a bunch of whiners and deserve hell for being so fuckin stupid. get the shit you need, and read how to use it instead of fuckin complaining


  97. i got a gz-mg2iu for x-mas. i love it! and im working on my first film with it, but im having a hella hard time getting my project to liftoff. i use a mac book pro and i have imovie, final cut pro and the everio software. does any one have recoomendations for which software i should use to edit? and also i can get lots of my videos to play but with no sound…grrrrr

  98. How are the colors looking on the snapshots taken using MG155?

    I find the pictures not of high quality. I tried connecting it to my TV and seeing the pictures and the quality was not so good.

    Am I doing something wrong? I was trying to take pictures indoors and the green plants dont look that great.

  99. Earl da Squirrel

    OK OK Ok … So I bought the gz-mg505 … It’s amazing and it does everything I want it to … even some stuff I didn’t know it could do … I use a Mac 24 in. … I went through all my files, with all my programs and I can’t even locate my clips (I can only find the pics) … Now I noticed OhioTerry had a step by step for PC users … Would anyone have the steps to downloading onto a MAC ??? thanks ….

  100. Xtina_Marie

    I work on a MacBookPro and use Mpeg Streamclip which I convert the .mov’s to .mpeg4’s- necessary to avoid the no sound thing- this takes a couple of minutes, but lessens the stress. Then I can pull it into imovie or final cut- the only other thing I had to purchase was an upgrade for $19.99 for quicktime. thats it.

  101. Peter Harris

    I just purchased a GZ-MG505 for my wedding a great camera but the first thing I tried to do was to buy a SD card for it. JVC recommended Toshiba and I bought a 4GB model as I couldn’t easily obtain 8GB. However whenever I try to format it, it returns “MEMORY CARD ERROR”. Tried other cards same result.
    Does this mean the GZ-MG505 is FAT16 and is restricted to a maximum of 2GB cards??? It apperars so but the camera guys I have spoken to do not appear to be technically competent when it comes to talkjing about FAT32. I have searched via Google but cant find any mentioned of FAT32 support for the JVC?? I can’t find any mention of firmware upgrades!!! Can anyone out there help me with FAT32, 4GB and firmware upgrades for this camera???
    Also I have started to use the Cyberlink Power Producer. Does anyone know how I get it to use 16:9??

  102. I would like to give some free information here to Macintosh users. The Everio can be use with the Mac–just download the following software: MPEG Streamclip. There is nothing that I cannot do in video editing–Final Cut Pro, imovie, etc. Also, rename the .mod files to .mpg or .avi.

    If you have any questisons, feel free to ask.

  103. I have a JVC HDG20 and a Mac Power Book Pro. Before commenting I would be nice for each person makes a comment, they should state what equipment they use. That would help make things clearer and more helpful. I cannot get my video to transfer over to the mac. I do get a USB Mass Storage reading on the video camera screen. While trying to get 7 hours of video to transfer somehow all the video files were lost and hard disk was wiped clean. Now I have no video to transfer so starting over. Can anyone advise me how to move new video over? If so please let me know!!!

  104. COMMENT to OhioTerry…….I have tried everything you suggested in the way of changing file name but it still dont work….I am editing with adobe premier 3.0 and i cant use all the files.
    I tried convering them some work but others dont….Any more advice on how to help…..Thanks.

  105. Luv my gz-mg37aa !had trouble understanding the software but ok with it now. storm_ice try using another USB port.sometimes that works

  106. Very interesting forum this, especially as I happen to be very tech savvy, and in possession of the Everio G camcorder.

    Unlike most of you, I don’t seem to be having problems with recording sound and or picture, the only problem I have had, and almost threw the damn thing against the wall, I mean really, it’s so small, it wouldn’t have had a dent! Duh!
    Anyway, back to my whinning, I have had problems trying to access the removable HD drive on my pc..each time I connected the camcorder to my pc, the mouse curser would stick and not move, meaning I had to restart my pc over and over and over…took me almost 3 days of trial and error, i have since managed to burn a DvD…good clarity, but the USB connection is a killer and not user friendly.
    Other than that, the still pictures don’t come out clear, there’s a lot of haze…good equipment though.

  107. By the way, Windows XP will usually not provide any indication of a connected device when you connect. The camcorder will simply become a new drive letter in Windows that you can navigate using My Computer or Windows Explorer, just as you already do with your hard drive, optical drive or network drives.

  108. To transfer movies to your PC from a GZ-MG21U:
    1. Connect the camcorder to the PC using USB.
    2. Find your MOD files (I forget the exact location but you’ll find them).
    3. Copy the MOD files to your PC (desktop, c:\, My Docs, wherever).
    4. Navigatge to the location you copied the files to using My Computer.
    5. Single-click on a MOD file and hit F2 (the Windows rename key).
    6. Type in a new name for the file and use .mpg for the extension.
    7. Done! You now have DVD-compatible mpeg files on your PC from your camcorder that can be used to create DVD titlesets.

    WinAVI is a good application to convert files among various formats, and can create a DVD titleset from any video file. Google it.

    Regarding iMovie, you can import these .mpgs you just renamed into iMovie. You CANNOT directly connect to the camcorder using iMovie. They must be manually copied and renamed first.

    Hope this helps,

  109. I have a JVC GR-DVM70 when i try to record, i get no sound , kinda like dead air …… i also have a JVC- GR-DVL320U i also cant record any sound, no noise at all just silent. im assuming this is a software setting. can someone help me out? email spadez_hiphop@hotmail.com

  110. I was given the everio GZ-MG57 HD cam to edit some of the footage on it. I use final cut pro, and ive been using it and editing for a while. but ive got no idea how to get this to work. I know how to change file names, but there are to files of the same name which is the right one? please someone help me!?!?

  111. Some of you seem to have it figured out … So, please can someone break it down in (hopefully) simple steps how to get this camera to work with iMovie?
    Thanks in advance.

  112. The files from the everio are mpeg2 but a bit strange, they do not play well through the standaard apple decoder. I transcode them with Mpegstreamclip to DV which seems to work but still the audio does not play well in FCE(has to be rendered first). Looking for a way to ‘fix’ the files so they can be used directly.

  113. Purchased Everio GZ-MG505 and no, I didn’t do a heap of research before I bought and no (tough) and yes, like many of you I CANNOT understand why this compatibility issue arises when it exists purely as a SOFTWARE problem. I own a MAC, I use imovie. Using a very lengthy process and after $90 of downloaded software, I can get my files in true widescreen format with music into imovie – but I have to do each file individually and in all honesty can’t be flogged spending that much time just to get my files INTO imovie let alone start to them. http://www.videoforums.co.uk/general-software-problems/8976-jvc-hard-disk-drive-camcorder.html may help understand a few things, but it still fails to make HDD camcorders and thier MPEG2 files compatible with imovie. Strange that the NEW technology that all the main companies are embracing hasn’t even sorted out the basic issues of software compatibility and editing. Frustated but onlly myself to blame for not researching enough. A future patch may fix it all up but a have always hated waiting.

  114. Hi all. Bought a everio gz-mg21u and love it. Only one ?. How can you tell the year it was manufactured by the serial number? I want to buy some extra batteries and they need to know. Thanks

  115. help! like mamacita i can upload pics no prob but am having no luck with the video clips. i have imovie which is driving me mad. i have already tried changing the clips from mod to mpg but it still wont work for me. can anyone help at all?

  116. hi, I’m just wondering if someone can help me understand why when I connect my everio gz-mg21u to my computer i can upload pic no prob, but video doesnt automatically. I had to move it seperately, which is fine…but the file ext. isn’t recognized. first, is there a way to upload everything automatically all at once? and second, do i just change the.mod to mpg for videos to play on my computer or do I need to change those .moi files too? what are they?
    I’m just greatfull to have a video camera to capture my newborn son…so if anyone could help me, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

  117. sneakers you are an a hole if you are so smart tell us non geeks how to use this piece. that will impress not your knowlege of the tech. stuff the rest of dont understand .you f’in dork.

  118. yea i just got it and everytime i try to upload and or just view files on mypc it says the files are corrupt ?? wtf the instruction only tell me to reformat the hard drive ive done that already wtf and another thing say im dioin a time lapse deal right and i leave it sitting on record for a couple minutes it just stops recording wtf i need help this thing is fucked

  119. I got this as a surprise Christmas present. I was a little nervous when I read all the terrible reviews on Amazon.com, but my husband is diligently reading the manual, farting around with all the controls, and researching all he can on the internet. We are also having trouble with the sound (burned dvd worked on hubby’s pc but not the tv or my laptop) but I love this camera because of its size and ease of transferring to pc and dvd. We are determined to figure out how it works instead of complaining and returning. Also, the price was right for this camera (under $400).

    For every person who complains about this camera, there is an awesome recommendation for it. I guess as Sneakers and KC are saying, it just takes some time to learn what you can do with it – and how to do it.

  120. I agree completely with Sneakers. This is a solid unit with alot of great features. I use IMovie and drag all the files in no problem. This is fairly new technology so why sit there and complain about a few things you cant do with it? Are you trying to shoot professional quality? Sure, then this isnt the cam for you. Is it extremely convenient and portable? Absolutley. Go back a few years and carry 10 lbs on your shoulders going through tapes.

  121. I cant’ use the pictbridge it freezes the camcorder. Yes my printer supports it and i already use it with a canon powershot s40. Is there any firmware upgrade ?

  122. You people are a bunch of whiners. How do I change file names, the still pictures are grainy, I lost video (ever heard of backing up your work?), it doesn’t have firewire.
    Do your reasearch or learn how to do some very basic things with a computer next time.
    I am very happy with my everio because I did my research and bought it for the features it HAS instead of whining about what it doesn’t have afterwards.


  123. I bought a JVC Everio G (model GZ-MG21u) about two months ago and it has worked well until recently. The hard drive was not full and had ample space left for recording. It simply lost what I recorded twice because it displayed “Hard Drive needs to be formatted, all data will be lost” when I went to record. It is a quirky thing and I lost some video that cannot be replaced! And the still shots are very grainy (to be expected when using video lense set up). Anyways, I am not happy with this camera and will complain loudly until I get a refund from “Wally”.


  125. I bought the Everio GZ-MG37AA and have spent the the last month trying to import from the camera to iMovie via a USB cable. Let me get this straight, if I use a firewire cable all my problems will be solved? Great camera to use, but unless there’s a simple solution to this, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  126. You can change the file name easily by clicking on the name of the file, highlighting it, then replacing .MOD with “.VOB” or MPG. whatever… im still trying to get sound in quicktime and final cut pro as well….. HELP!

  127. HELP! I have the JVC Everio GZ-MG20, been trying to upload & burn my videos to DVD since MARCH 2006 with NO LUCK I should say with NO SOUND. I originally had no software with my camera, JVC told me to get Cyberlink PowerDirector (did that), havent been able to get SOUND from my videos on that program, but sound DOES play when I connect to a TV & when I burn on an external DVD burner, and when I play on PowerDVD Ive tried it on different computers, Ive tried PowerDirector and PowerProducer, and Ive tried 2 different versions (new & old) all with no luck. Ive contacted both JVC & Cyberlink neither have been helpful, and I dont know HOW to change the file names from .MOD to .VOB or whatever it is you guys are telling me to do? any suggestions? Can anyone tell me HOW to change the file names?? I cant do it?? THANKS!! this has been a NIGHTMARE!

  128. What a joke to say it is compatible with a MAC. Mac users want to use iMovie and the Everio isn’t compatible with iMovie. Please, can there be an upgrade to the Everio software to make it so?

  129. I just bought a JVC Everio MG37AA and I am having trouble loading my clips onto my computer. Can anyone help??

  130. Patrick Wall

    I have a JVC Everio GZ-MG37AA Camcorder. Whatever I do I cannot seem to get rid of all the LCD icons when I transfer to DVD record. Maybe I’m missing a simple operation but – HELP

  131. Do these cameras download to FCP? If they don’t have firewire doesn’t USB take a lonnng time?

  132. Just to point out that iMovie can import and edit mpeg files, which is all the Everio-G has anyay… Just change the file name from filename.mod to filename.mpg and import to iMovie.

    Heck, this thing even works with my Linux box and Cinelerra.

  133. iMovie only works with a firewire connection. The Everio has no firewire and the JVC editing software is horrible. The controls aren’t very user friendly and the camera is incompatable with the iMovie application although if you upgrade Quicktime, you can watch what you shot on an Apple… you just can’t load it into iMovie.

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