iPod Nano’s Screen Maybe Flawed

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23 Comments to iPod Nano’s Screen Maybe Flawed

  1. Ipods are complete pieces of s*#t…11 months into owning it, the backlight goes dead, and Apple calls it “abuse”, with no evidence to support that claim….kept in a protective case and used indoors only….

    I will never buy another Apple product ever again…

  2. I have the new IPOD Nano. I have had it for maybe a year tops. I hadn’t used it for a couple weeks while I was visiting my family; when I got back home I tried to turn it on and the screen is black but my music is playing! The screen isn’t completely blank. However, I can barely see anything on it. I am so upset! I tried reseting it and everything! Now I am stuck with this flawed IPOD Nano where I can’t see anything to know what to play!


  3. same problem idiot apple “care” phone technician, i love love love my last model power pc g5 with osx 10.5 leopard, even though i was not notified i was paying the same price for a computer they knew was being replaced with an intel processor the next month, they have very bad business practices, and i have a nano with no screen, ohh but if i turn it in i get 10% off my new one. go to hell steve. your as bad as micro$oft.

  4. My brothers ipod nano’s screen just went black one day and he got a new one so he gave me his old one. It’s my first ipod and a total bummer that the screen doesn’t work. And the warranty is up. It still plays music, but i would like to see things. Can anyone help me??

  5. Hey I have had the problems myself with the music playing but no screen, or screen having brights lines all the way across. I have even had a frozen screen where the pic and music didn’t match. You can reset it. I have done this a few times already and it is back to new!! It doesn’t delete your songs either. I would try to reset it. It might be all you need to do to save the couple hundred that you spent!

    Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Slide it to Hold, then turn it off again.)

    Press and hold the Menu and Center (Select) buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears, about 6 to 8 seconds. You may need to repeat this step.

  6. AllieMcBlack

    My boyfrined bought me a nano in December 2006 for Christmas. A year later its screen is black. I can hear all my music but I cant see the screen to manuever it.. Ridiculous!

  7. tucker smith

    Bought first ipod – $340. It failed. Purchased a nano 8 months later. The screen went blank one day later; all efforts to “reset” the damned thing have been fruitless. Have spent more than $550 on 2 ipods that are worthlesss. Apple has not only failed to stand behind either product, they have been rude and condescending as well. I will NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER APPLE PRODUCT AS LONG AS I LIVE. IT IS STUNNING TO ME THE STOCK IS NOW NORTH OF $175. I HOPE APPLE GOES BANKRUPT. GOOD RIDDANCE!!

  8. i had 2 ipod nanos and both screens broke when it was in my pocket… (still plays music)
    Since the new ipods where released i wont be buying the new ipod nano. (waste of $200+)

  9. kdickerson

    I bought my daughter the ipod nano about 1 year ago. The screen on it has went blank but still plays music. After several attempts to restore, I finally called the apple care number. Support told me the warranty expired 55 days ago. They will not repair the ipod, even though I told them of a website and forwarded a page that specifically describes the same problem. The article states that it is a minor factory problem. Apple should replace for free. To no avail, we are giving up and NEVER buying apple again

  10. i got a apple ipod nano for christmas and in january i had finally got music on it and in one day my screen went blank when i put it on tha charger i need help how do i un freeze it?????????????

  11. I purchased my Nano factory sealed from someone on Ebay in June. My screen cracked after being placed in my purse (why so easily I’ll never know) I looked online and found out that my warranty apparently expired in September.. (the guy I purchased it from bought it in Sept. 05) I tried several times to get the purchase date changed, but no luck. I guess it doesn’t matter because Apple won’t repair cracked Nano screens anyway. This really infuriates me, and I wouldn’t recommend a Nano to anyone.

  12. my nano is NOT cracked, but it is frozen. I am afraid to tell my parents, because they will kill me because its so expensive. Is there anyway to unfreeze it? the batteries fine. HELP!

  13. My son used his birthday money to purchase a Nano at the end of October 2005. He has also taken great care with it, frequently uses a case, or keeps it in his front jeans pocket. Today he called to say he pulled it out of his pocket and the LCD screen was cracked and black. He had done nothing out of the ordinary. Best Buy would not honor our service contract stating this must have been caused by “abuse,” and further stating the fact that Apple would not back them in the case of cracked LCD screens. Upon researching I see Apple disclaims any responsibility on its website. “Do not send it in,” they warn, or some such statement. You have no recourse. After researching further this seems to be a problem. It was a nice little unit but the risk of losing $200+ in a flash far outweighs the value. I would not recommend the Nano to others.

  14. Desley Tyler

    Yes I to purchased a nano for my son for Christmas 2005 3 weeks later it had a cracked screen for know reason he was very careful with it and i had also purchased a cover for it he wouldnt even take it to school

  15. my nano sreen broke even though i have a protective case and i ma careful with it
    ive just found a site which says i can get it repaired for free
    does anyone no if this is true

  16. I agree with most of u, xcept #4, i just got my nano for Christmas, 2005, and i’ve had it at my house for a week and now the screen is black, but it will still play music. They should really recall all Nanos.

  17. Tracy Murphy

    I bought my son a Nano in November of 2005 and 3 months later the screen was black and cracked, but it still played music. As a computer professional for the last 10 years, I’ve long been a fan of Apple products. After hearing that Apple had received numerous reports of cracked nano screens, and knowing it was still under warranty, I was certian they would repair or replace it. I talked to someone at Apple on the phone who assured me that this would be the case, however, they returned the Nano unfixed, saying the damage was our fault, even though there was no outside damage. We are heartbroken and furious!

  18. I have had my ipod nano for over a year now and it is in great condition. I got a skin from wal-mart and it protects the whole ipod!! I could not live with out my ipod. It was a great purchase!!

  19. Anonymous

    I bought my sons nanos for Xmas. Both have flawed sceens. They continue to play music but no display. I will never buy another apple product again!

  20. I add my name to the growing list of disappointed consumers who purchased the Nano.
    If this is a sample of Apple quality I will never buy or recommend their products again.
    This product is sub par at best when it is rendered useless by a cracked display from being carried in a purse.
    I am outraged that Apple does not respond to this consumer problem.
    Get real gentlemen, you are losing
    your support amongst the masses.

  21. My granddaughters nano that she has had for two months has a cracked screen. She has the case for it and has been very careful with the unit. Last week she had it in her purse and when she pulled it out to use it the screen showed a crack and black screen. We paid over $200.00 for this unit and now ,in order to get it repaired, as Apples warranty does not cover this type of problem,it will cost about $120.00. This is absolutely a poorly designed device and should be recalled by Apple. We will never buy another Apple device unless this unit gets recalled and replaced by a unit that is more durable. I believe this should be reported to better business for action.

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