Daily Archives: September 29, 2005

Toshiba Gigashot V10 Camcorder


Toshiba has released its Gigashot V10. The camera looks small (260 grams), but still packs a nice feature set. The Gigashot V10 captures not just video, but also still photos at 5 megapixels. Even better is that there are no damn video tapes to mess with, as everything is captured...

Dell launches high end XPS desktops and laptops


Dell, known for their low-cost PCs, announced on Wednesday they would be entering the high end market with their new XPS line. Both desktops and laptops will be available in the new sexy, powerful XPS brand. The XPS desktop PCs will ship with dual-core Intel processors, Nvidia graphics cards, hard...

Beheading Recorded on Cell Phone


Some crazy ass dude showed some poor woman an Iraqi beheading in Glasglow, Scotland. The woman suffered distress as a result, but the man is spending 60 days in prison for his offense. The man had downloaded the clip off the Internet and transferred it to his phone....

Forget Face Lift, Get a Face PLANT

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Remember the movie “Face Off” staring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage? Well if you didn’t see it, they surgically have their faces swapped which at the time seemed, oh a…tad RIDICULOUS! Well guess what? A Cleveland clinic wants to perform a similar procedure. They will interview 5 men and 7...

Google Indexing Their Own Blog Search

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I mentioned this a few days ago, but with further discussion with some folks it made me realize how interesting it is that Google is currently indexing their own Blog Search results. Before I had linked to the page with the results, but with the ever updating Google I decided...

Microsoft Xbox Division $4 billion in the Red


Microsoft’s Xbox division is apparently in the red by $4 billion! That’s $4,000,000,000. I didn’t even know debts could get that big, and who in their right mind would continue to run a division that is 4 billion dollar bills from break even?...

Sony’s AIBO ERS-7M3 Se Habla Espanol


Sony’s infamous robot dog companion, the AIBO, recently got a software update that will allow the dog to understand Spanish, in addition to many other new features. The new software, AIBO MIND 3, helps the metal puppy say more than 1,000 English words to communicate with its owner. It now...

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