Daily Archives: September 28, 2005

Toshiba Cell Phone – 803


Toshiba has launched a mobile phone? I am still dumbfounded by this because I simply didn’t know they were in the biz. Yes, I know they are involved with ‘mobile’ devices, but this has totally thrown me a curve ball. Toshiba’s new mobile, the 803, is available only in the...

Sony Ericsson W800i Review

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Gearlive.com has a review of the much sought after Sony Ericsson W800i. Currently only available in Europe and so much so, there is apparently a shortage. The W800i sports a heavy feature set with a high rez 2.0 megapixel camera, and an MP3 player. Gearlive took it a step further...

Google Getting More Tight Lipped?

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Google has stopped displaying its number of indexed pages. One theory is because Yahoo recently announced they index 20 million pages, and another being is that people want more relevant results with less clutter. More indexed pages often means more fat the user has to trim away to find what...

$100 Laptop by MIT


The $100 laptop may just be around the corner. MIT’s Media Lab (co-founded by Nicholas Negroponte), otherwise known as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has developed plans for a $100 windup laptop. MIT hopes to distribute 15 million test systems to nations that are greatly in need. Media Lab is...

Review: Nokia 6820 Qwerty Phone


Here is a review I intended to post sometime ago, but hopefully some folks who are considering a QWERTY phone will find it useful. Text to your heart’s delights – well that should be the advertisement adorning the Nokia 6820. Following its predecessor, the Nokia 6800, the 6820 delivers a...

Sony Memory Stick Entertainment Pack


Sony announced today it would be making a Sony Memory Stick Entertainment Pack which would bundle a 512MB Memory Stick PRO Duo and a CD full of content geared towards the PlayStation Portable. The CD will be bunbled with music videos, movie trailers, demos of PSP games and more and...

Toshiba delays US launch of HD DVD player


Toshiba announced on Wednesday that it is delaying the launch of its next-generation HD DVD players from a year end start date to February or March. Toshiba and supporters decided they would rather launch a large scale invasion of HD DVD rather than a gradual launch. Toshiba and content providers...

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