Daily Archives: September 27, 2005

Apple: iPod Nano Has Flaw

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Apple has finally provided a response to the numerous complaints about the iPod Nano’s screen breaking and/or scratching easily. First a quote from Macworld made by Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, Phil Schiller, regarding the faulty screen issues: This is a real but minor issue involving a...

Video Car Alarm

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Don’t you wish you could see who dinged your car door, or roughed up your front end while shopping at Bloomingdales for your girlfriend? Or even see whose cat or dog climbed on your car (sorry had to use the picture). Well now you can. Four Canadian students have invented...

Samsung Mobile (cell phone) Hand Warmer


Where it is bitterly cold any source of heat is welcome, even if it is to just the hands, feet or wherever. Samsung recently unveiled a phone that was developed at Russia’s Ural State Academy that acts not only as a cell phone, but a hand warmer as well (or...

Fox Entertainment to take MySpace


In a unanimous vote Intermix’s board of directors have decided to stick with Rupert Murdoch offer of $12 a share. It turns out that the $13.50 a share that Greenspan offered was for half the stock. Greenspan would have had to raise the rest of the $300 million and it...

Microsoft and Intel to support HD-DVD

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In the waging battle between HD-DVD and Blu-ray, it looks like heavyweights Microsoft and Intel are joining the underdog — HD-DVD. The two formats have been competing in the vein of VHS and Betamax, but are still in the vendor and content provider level. Neither has reached the consumer luckily....

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