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MySpace Out of Rupert Murdoch’s Reach

You know that TV tyrant, Rupert Murdoch? Well, he recently made a bid to get his hands on Intermix Media, the proud owner and parent company to the music/social networking site Interestingly enough, it looks like I...

White Sony PSP from Japan

White Sony PSPs are apparently showing up on eBay. Sony's White PSP is a Japanese release.


Madden 2006 Features 7″ Player

A glitch in Madden 2006 causes New York Jets lineman Michael King to be 7" in the game. According to a Madden producer the spreadsheet had King's info wrong - no kidding. The glitch occurs if you had downloaded an online roster...
Cell Phones

Palm Treo running Windows

Longtime competitors in the PDA market, Palm and Microsoft introduced a jointly developed cell phone -- a Palm Treo running a modified Windows Mobile 5.0. This hybrid will debut exclusively for Verizon Wireless, the number 2 US...