Daily Archives: September 24, 2005

iPod Nano’s Screen Maybe Flawed


Uh oh! The device that has been regarded as ‘the MP3 player’ to have this year maybe flawed. Although, we recently saw ArsTechnica beat the crap out of the iPod Nano, there are reports of the device’s screens failing, or scratching extremely easily. One Nano owner started a site called...

Oregon Scientific 2.1 CD System

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Gearlive.com found this neat little package. Its Oregon scientific 2.1 CD system. 2.1 means 2 speakers with a subwoofer. It plays not only regular CDs, but WMA/MP3 CDs as well, and features a motorised CD door. Not cheap though at £299, which is just under $400 US....

Apple’s iPod Nano’s Huge Margin


iSupply took the tiny player apart and has determined it costs Apple just $90 in matrials, and $8 in labor to build the 2GB iPod Nano. The margins of course get fatter on the 4GB because labor costs stay fixed. This margin is consistent with Apple’s earlier iPodq. Furthermore, Steve...