Daily Archives: September 23, 2005

Evergreen HeadPhone MP3 Player – EG-HPM


A company called Evergreen has just released a new MP3 players. This one may only appear in Japan. Fortunate for them, their players stand distinctively different from Apple’s Nano by taking the headphone form. The players come in 256mb and 512mb sizes. The device connects via USB 1.1 and rocks...

Motorola’s New Phones So Says Ed

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Great Ed! Pictured here is Ed Zander, Motorola’s CEO, holding the cell phone goliath’s newest devices. Ed is credited with pulling Motorola back into the spotlight after numerous CEOs, and poor quarterly reports. The right hand contains the Motorola Q, which is a thin QWERTY-based phone designed to compete with...

DXG USA Offers Ultra Cheap 5.1 Megapixel Camera


DXG USA is offering a super cheap 5.1 mega pixel camera. At just $149-169 it surely is a steal, but only a steal if it can produce decent quality pics. After all, high megapixel camera are not indictive of quality photos. Probably best paralleled to expensive clothing doesn’t always look...