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iRiver N11 Release

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The new iRiver N11 MP3 player is slated for release October 15th in Japan. No word on if it will appear State side. Expect 3 different sizes: 256mb, 512mb, and you guessed it, a 1gb. It also comes in three different colors and sports a display. The device is decently...

Logitech MX5000 Review


Logitech has unveiled a whirlwind of products this past month, and that includes the keyboard and mouse combo MX5000. Both devices use Bluetooth 2.0 and have a pretty extensive feature set which include an LCD for the keyboard to notify you of incoming email, and what Logitech claims is a...

JVC Everio G Camcorders Review


Forget tapes and discs because JVC’s Everio G camcorder line records right (double entendre) to a hard drive. There a few different models of the Everio G line, which are reflected in hard drive size (20-30GB), zoom lens distance, and still photo quality (.3-1.3megapixel). This means it holds anywhere from...

Mobile Phone Viruses


What will the first mobile phone virus be? Will it get access to our address book and text all our friends? With high speed internet becoming more readably available on mobile devices its probably not too far off. But one company, Sophos, feels that the threat is more hype then...

Special Edition Titanium Thinkpad


Lenvo has followed in the foot steps of Apple, and produced a titanium widescreen screen notebook. But be warned, its only the cover that is titanium – boooo. The new titanium Thinkpad Z60t notebook is the lightest of its class. – measuring just 1.1-in thick and weighing just 4.2 pounds....

Radio with 10,000 stations with no monthly fees


Roku recently released the SoundBridge Radio which they claim can receive over 10,000 stations with no monthly fees. It’s not powered by XM. It’s not powered by Sirius. It’s powered by the Internet. The SoundBridge Radio connects to your internet connection at home via WiFi and has access to over...

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