Daily Archives: September 19, 2005

Nokia Launches 6630 Music Edition


Nokia launched the 6630 Music Edition this week. Nokia, one of the largest producers of cell phones, has created a package that may just rival the ROKR, but seems to be more of a case of “grasping at straws”. What do I mean by that. Well, frankly, it don’t have...

Turn Your PSP into a Translator


Sony showed off a new accessory for its PSP at the Tokyo Game Show that may make ordering food and getting around a foreign country all the easier. The new accessory is called the Talk Man, and you guessed it, its a microphone oriented device. The accessory also includes a...

Dell Laptop Packaged with Chip for High Speed Internet


Dell’s new laptop will give you high speed surfing any where you go. It will incorporate a chip that will provide access to the high speed wireless EV-DO network (service fee required). Current EV-DO customers must purchase a separate card to access the high-speed network. EV-DO is supposed to offer...

Onstar to Provide Car Diagnostics Via Email


GM announced that its OnStar service will begin to offer a ‘car diagnostic’ service via email. The email will include details on the status of your engine, transmission, airbags, brakes and other components. But, according to the article it won’t report on mechanical problems or predict situations that are about...

Dead Cats a Lie


Remember the story last week about the inventor in Germany who had apparently used not only garbage, but ‘road kill’ dead cats to generate his bio-diesel fuel (Original Story)? Well, it may have just been made up, or misinterpreted. A new article has emerged on CNN.com and the inventor, Christian...

Paparazi Pop Up Blocker – Well Sort Of


Researchers at GIT (Geogia Institute of Technology) have developed a device that can detect a camera up to 33′ away, (e.g. paparazi) and emit a targeted beam of light powerful enough to stop it from capturing the shot. Apparently, HP is getting in the biz as well, and may soon...

Sony releases feather-weight Sony VAIO TX


The new Sony VAIO TX is light weight, real light weight. The slick carbon fiber casing makes this powerhouse of a notebook weight in at 2.8 pounds. So does the less than 1 inch thick laptop still have the goods? With up to 7.5 hours of battery life, a double...

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