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JVC New MP3 Player with Docking Station – XA-HD500

JVC, not an innovator we have come to expect, recently released a 6GB HD MP3 device that includes a docking station that works with an infrared remote for your home stereo. In all likelihood the thought process here was to prov...
Cell Phones

Sprint Offers New Windows Based Phone, Full Qwerty Keyboard

Sprint introduced its Sprint PCS Vision Smart Device PPC-6700 today. This is the first convergence US phone to run Windows Mobile 5.0 directly from the carrier. The phone operates on Sprints Nationwide Sprint PCS Network and is...

Cell Phones

Prototype Sony Ericsson 950 Phone Leaked

Pictures of SonyEricsson’s prototype 950 PDA phone leaked today. The device is code named “Hermione?.

Toshiba Fuel Cell for MP3 Player

Start your MP3 player’s engine. Actually, that statements not too far off. Toshiba has developed a fuel cell the size of a pack of chewing gum that can power a flash based player for up to 35 hours. The cell's fuel is methanol ...


Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show debuted some pretty cool cars. To see some more pics Click Here

Stop the Hype!

Skype's sale to Ebay might not be what the owners wanted but they did it anyway. There are rumors flourishing, and Skype has been linked to not only Google and Ebay, but to Yahoo and News Corp. Even one of its founders implied ...


VW Says Hello To USB

Soon VW will begin to fit some of their models with a USB plug such that you can use not just your iPod, but any MP3 player. VW will offer two options: one for the iPod, and the other for a standard USB MP3 player. The device, ...

Nintendo reveals Revolution controller

Nintendo always said the Revolution was going to be different. It was never meant to compete directly with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It was going to change what we thought about games and who played them. Almost like a Re...