Daily Archives: September 13, 2005

Sharp Now Has Largest LCD HD-TV


Sharp now offers the largest LCD HD-TV at 65″. It offers 1080p (progressive), which is the HDTV standard (when HDTV first appeared the manufactures were pushing 1080 interlaced). The TV is also Digital Cable ready which means consumers can just insert a cable company provided CarbleCard and eliminate the need...

3D Monitor


Need to turn a flat image into 3D? Then you’re gonna have to drop just under $4 grand for a Planar Systems monitor. It is actually 2 monitors placed together at a 110 degree angle with a piece of polarized glass. The user must also wear a pair of special...

Sony Recalls Slim PS2 Power Adapters


Sony just recalled a whole bunch (3.5 million) of PS2 power adapters, for their ‘slim line'; two-thirds sold in the EU. There are reports of the adapters getting dangerously hot, and in same cases melting (oh god, imagine what is then exposed – electrical circuitry). Replacement adapters will be issued....

Nintendo released Game Boy Micro


When Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance SP a few years ago, I thought the portable system wasn’t going to get any smaller…or recreated for a third time. Nintendo proved me wrong on both accounts with the third GBA (same hardware) in an even smaller form factor. The Game Boy...

Samsung Announces 32GB Flash Memory Card


Samsung announced a new flash memory chip that can reportedly allow for 32GB flash memory cards. Samsung has yet to partner with a manufacture, but plans for production sometime in the second half of next year. Samsung said that the cards will be able to hold up to 8000 MP3s...

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