Daily Archives: September 12, 2005

Vonage Going Public


Vonage is expected to file for public status any day, and it may just rival the hoopla that surrounded Google’s IPO. Vonage is one of the biggest providers of VoIP (voice over IP), taking a large share of the market. The biggest concern right now amongst investors is whether or...

PSP Wannabe Meets GPS


Didn’t anyone learn from the failure of the media described ‘Taco’, better known as the Ngage? A London entrepreneur, Carl Freer, has created a device that plays games and DVDs, acts a GPS unit, and can create text messages. Hopefully Carl spent more time and creativity on building the device...

Sony Introduces 2GB Memory Stick


Sony will introduce a 2GB Memory Stick come the end of Semptember. This doubles their highset capacity ‘stick’. The 2 gig stick will run about $200 or less. If you are dieing for some expensive memory, then you can preorder the cards at www.sonystyle.com...

Destroying the iPod Nano

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How hard is it to destroy an iPod Nano? Well the guys from ArsTechnica took it on a little adventure and let’s just say they know what the guts of the Nano look like. The iPod Nano incurred the following tests: 1. Sitting on the iPod Nano 2. Dropping it...

Gadgets for Girls – Sony and Luella Bartley join forces


Sony Electronics and fashion designer, Luella Bartley, joined forces for Bartley’s Spring/Summer 2006 runway show. The show featured women’s influence on consumer electronics including the super-slim DSC-T7 Cyber Shot digital camera and the new NW-E505 Walkman. In celebration of the show, Bartley designed a limited edition laptop bag exclusively for...

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