The $100 laptop may just be around the corner. MIT’s Media Lab (co-founded by Nicholas Negroponte), otherwise known as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has developed plans for a $100 windup laptop. MIT hopes to distribute 15 million test systems to nations that are greatly in need. Media Lab is working to distribute the laptops to school children in Massachusetts as well.

To be clear, Neogroponte has pointed out that it is “an education project, not a laptop project”.

The specs of the machine are a 500 MHz chip with 1GB of memory. The screen will function in either color, or “in a black-and-white sunlight-readable mode”. It will function not just on hand cranked energy (which is damn cool), but batteries and wall plug-in. Other features will include WiFi and cell phone integration.

Not bad for $100.

There is also an Indian based company that is developing a desktop like computer that uses a cell phone chip for a processor, can plug into your TV and runs off a network to make the device void of costly hard drives and plug-ins. They too are hoping to sell the device for $100.

Christen Costa

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