Daily Archives: September 5, 2005

Paper Thin Display


A company called Polymer Vision (backed by Philips), recently announced a device that’s screen can be expanded by pulling on both ends (essentially it is an electronic scroll). Thats right, we are talking a display that is thin, not quite paper thin, but getting there. Although the device, Concept Readius,...

Hot Nokia Phone: 8801


If you saw “The Island” then you may have noticed this phone. I saw the flick, but don’t remember the phone. The Nokia 8801 (8800 in Europe), is shaping up to be a pretty hot phone, at least looks wise. The design itself is not new for Nokia, but it...

Epson’s Palm Sized Projector

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Although this really, really small projector is just a prototype it is still amazing. Its foot print is 5.4″ by 4″ – small enough to fit into your palm. Epson currently doesn’t have any plans to manufacture the device....

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