Daily Archives: September 4, 2005

HD-DVD Launch Delayed


Toshiba recently announced that they may delay the launch of its HD-DVD players. The format was originally due to be released for Christmas 2005, but may not appear until some time in 2006. HD-DVD is in competition with Sony’s Blu-Ray, which is apparently more technically advanced and has a greater...

Motion Capture iPod Remote Control


For anyone whose tried to use their iPod in the cold winter months, the motion-sensor based iPod remote control prototype by Peter is a godsend. You ever try to operate a touch-sensitive wheel with gloves on? Have you ever tried to operate the tiny Apple-brand remote with gloves on? It’s...

Apple May Get Sued for its iPod

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It looks like Apple may have infringed upon Creative Technology’s patent for its music players. Although Apple dominates the market, Creative says they have been awarded a patent that was based on their Nomad music player, released September 2000 – 13 months prior to Apple shipping its iPod. According to...