Daily Archives: September 2, 2005

That Damn Phantom Game Box


Remember the Phantom gaming console? Well, the console was suppose to be released over a year ago now, and was constantly scrutinized as not being ‘real’, hence the name. I remember reading articles that reported people had visited the DBA address only to find an empty building; reminded me of...

Nikon To Release WiFi Camera


Nikon’s WiFi camera seems more novel to me right now then practical, but I am sure in no time flat every digital camera will be WiFi enabled and save us the hassle of digging for that pesky USB cable. Actually, when you think about it, the WiFi camera makes alot...

World’s Smallest MP3 Player – MobiBlue DAH-1500i


The Mobiblu DAH-1500i is the WORLD’S smallest MP3 player and offers a surprising amount of versatility for its tiny size. The player is in such high demand that Walmart, its launch partner, has been continuously sold out since the products release in late July. Apparently Mobiblu didn’t anticipate such a...

Motorola Pebl To Be Released Soon

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Motorola is due to release their Pebl Motorola sometime in the second half of 2005. Not only is its design suppose to be eye catching – yet sophisticated and classy – but the clam shell/flip phone also sports a dual action hinge, allowing the phone to open and close in...

iPod Mini going Flash & ROKR details


Here is a seemingly credible rumor pulled from Engadget (originally reported by ThinkSecret): We didn’t really think they were going to do it, but it looks like perhaps Apple took Samsung up on their offer after all (or someone, anyway). Later this month we can apparently expect Apple to debut...

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