Daily Archives: September 1, 2005

XM’s Big Tease


Why XM, why? XM recently released a product that at first appears to allow you to listen to both XM radio and MP3s. Ehhhhh, says the buzzer. Read further, and you will discover that the wanna be iPod simply records either 50 or 25 hours of XM Radio – depends...

Sony Ericsson S710 Reviewed


Awesome looking phone! No, that’s not usually how I start reviews, but this is a damn fine looking device. The biggest draw back is battery life. Consider yourself lucky if you get 3 days out of the S710. Stand by time was reported at 9 days by CNET which is...

Tivo Reports First Profit

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The company that no one thought would do it, reported its first profit in the company’s eight-year history. Tivo’s current quarterly revenue is $40.7 million and is trading at $5.06 – wooped tee do, right? Tivo has or had, a really great product. Unfortunately, many a companies have ripped the...

Linux VoIP handset needs no computer


Thomson made a major step in VoIP phones — they got rid of the computer. Typically, VoIP (voice over ip) allows you to use your computer to make phone calls over your broadband internet connection. However, with the new EV5203-C by Thomson, you’ll be able to plug the phone directly...

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