Monthly Archives: August 2005

Sony PSP to add Web Browser


The first question in my mind is: Why didn’t Sony offer a browser application when it was released? I can remember finding the application that allowed you to input your WiFi information and then being sorely disappointed to find out you could only receive ‘updates’ and play WiFi associated games....

Google Chatting – IM or Phone

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Is there anything this company can’t do? According to CNN, Google will soon offer an IM application for online chatting. This news comes on the heals of Google’s most recent product, GoogleTalk. GoogleTalk is a voice over IP tool that will allow those who have downloaded the application to speak...

iTunes Phone

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Has it finally arrived? Articles in both the New York Times and TheWall Street Journal speculated that on September 7th Apple will unveil the much anticipated iTunes phone. The phone is being developed by Motorola and will be carried by Cingular. Many industry insiders doubt song downloading via the iTunes...

Star Trek Phone to go where no phone has gone before


Nerds of the world rejoice! Sona Mobile and Viacom Consumer Products are set to offer a Star Trek communicator-themed mobile device that will let users make calls, play video clips, play online Star Trek games and surf the internet. This is the first use of the license by Viacom, which...

A Multi-Button Apple Mouse!


Has hell frozen over? The seventh sign of the apocalypse? No, just a multi-button mouse from Apple. According to Apple, “you get the programability of a four-button mouse in a single-button design.” According to the rest of us, we finally get a multi-button mouse from Apple. Now that Mac zealots...

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