20 Galactically Geeky Star Wars Tees That Won’t Make You Look Like A Total Nerf-Herder (list)

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Stop sporting those cheesy Star Wars tees that make it look as if you raided a pre-teen’s closet and score some fresh gear while still representing your inner Star Wars geek. We’ve compiled a list of cool Star Wars T-shirts that won’t make you look like a total geek and that are actually pretty cool (given they’re worn with complementing accessories). Many of them feature unique designs that will have you scoring fashion points with friends and the opposite sex. So which one would you wear?!

20. Star Mugs T-Shirt

May the Force be with your minimal likeness. And all your buddies, hangin’ in a field of blue via this awesome tee!

19. Dale Doback’s Yoda T-Shirt

This Return Of The Jedi shirt is based on the shirt worn by John C. Reilly in the movie Step Brothers. It features artwork from the 1995 VHS reissue of Jedi.

18. Four Heads T-Shirt

A classic tee is great for everyday wear, but a classic Star Wars one is even better and this one has all the iconic characters.

17. Rocking Troopers T-Shirt

Everybody likes to rock out, even Stormtroopers like this tee proves!

16. Stay Gold T-Shirt

That’s a whole lot of swagger for a droid in this gold and black tee.

15. Vader Dunks T-Shirt

Basketball and Star Wars fans will love this Vader Dunks tees that portrays the villain going for a dunk.

14. Hands Up T-Shirt

We’re raising our hands, are you? A dope cartoon tee that shows characters raising their hands ’cause they love Star Wars!

13. Today I Am T-Shirt

Stormtroopers have become an iconic image for the franchise and this Stormtroopers T-shirt is a great way to sport your love of the these guys!

12. Vader Death Star Dome 30s T-Shirt

This Star Wars T-Shirt re-imagines the fearsome helmet of Sith Lord Darth Vader as though it were his ultimate, planet-destroying weapon, the Death Star!

11. Select Bounty Hunter T-Shirt

Player One, choose your bounty hunter and seek out your bounty with this video game-inspired tee!

10. Simple Boba Fett T-Shirt

It’s everybody’s favorite bounty hunter on a comfortable tee, featuring a simple, yet stylish design!

9. Empire Revolution T-Shirt

This cool tee appears to be some kind of faux recruitment poster featuring everybody’s favorite cannon fodder, Storm Troopers!

8. A New Hope China T-Shirt

The vintage-looking tee is of a Chinese poster for the Star Wars franchise and still looks cool despite not knowing what it says.

7. Join the Party T-Shirt

The fun-loving Star Wars characters are front and center on this commemorative unisex T-shirt.

6. Stormtrooper Dig Uniform T-Shirt

Yup, that’s right! Chicks do love a guy in uniform, especially those who wear a Stormtrooper one, as this tee states!

5. Sneaky Chewbacca Polaroid T-Shirt

Photobombing is a popular pastime these days that revolves around essentially injecting one’s self into pictures. Star Wars’ Chewbacca is actually a master of this skill as you can see by this Instagram wannabe Star Wars Sneaky Chewbacca Polaroid shirt.

4. Distressed ’70s T-Shirt

A very cool vintage tee that features Leia being protected by Chewbacca while Luke and Han aim their laser blasters at the Empire’s troops.

3. Havana Drink T-Shirt

This popular Star Wars Havana Drink White T-Shirt is a pop culture mash up that is sure to impress your friends and beer advertisers!

2. Code of the Trooper T-Shirt

Nothing beast a simple black tee with one bold graphic, and what better graphic than a stormtrooper!

1. Millennium Posse T-Shirt

Chewbacca and Han Solo are super cool in this hip-hop inspired Star Wars tee!

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