17 of the Most Kickass Batman Toys Fit for Any Adult (list)

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It’s gonna be a HUGE weekend for movie goers who are going to check out The Dark Knight Rises, which is the last installment in the Chris Nolan Batman Trilogy. Everybody knows it’s going to be a huge success, with record-breaking box office numbers. If you haven’t seen the trailers, check them out here and here! And as you get ready to watch what’s going to be summer’s biggest movie, check out some cool Batman memorabilia for ultimate die-hard fans and enthusiasts.

17. Batman Hooded Backpack

This is a bit nerdy and childish, but really, who cares! The Batman Hooded Backpack a costume/backpack in one that allows you to carry all your wannabe Batman gadgets while you walk around like the caped crusader, ready to save the day! Oh, and for $34.50, it’s fairly cheap for a two-in-one batman Backpack/costume.

16. Dark Knight and Bane Flash Drives

With the release of the new movie, you can now store all your important gadget prototypes (or at least important documents, pictures and music) on these cool USB flash drives from MIMOBOT in either The Dark Knight himself or the movie’s villain Bane with capacities of up to 64GB. They even come with loads of preloaded bonus stuff like screen savers and more for only $13!

15. The Dark Knight Rises Chuck Taylors

The Dark Knight Rises frenzy is making its way into the fashion world with these new specially designed Chuck Taylors. Seriously, this is an item every Batman lover needs in their closet! Printed on the canvas is a scene that’s actually pulled from the movie and there’s even a QR code embedded on the label to scan so you can get exclusive online comic books from a special site. They’re available now for $59.99.

14. Batman Hoodie

While the Batman Hoodie Backpack only provided half of a costume, this Batman Hoodie actually goes a bit further to incorporate the actual mask and wannabe Batman suit (old school Batman that is) with a cape! It’s going for $50 and would make for the perfect hoodie to wear to the theater to watch The Dark Knight Rises!

13. Kid’s Batman Raincoat

If you’re gonna show up in the aforementioned Batman Hoodie, then you should have your kids rocking some Batman gear, too! Which is why this Batman Superhero Raincoat would be perfect (even without the rain). Not only is it super cute, but it also sports glow in the dark logos…super cool!

12. The Dark Knight Rises Bane 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

This is for ultimate Batman fans! The Bane 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure portrays the lasts installment of Nolan’s Batman in all his meanness! The collectible is about 30 cm tall and is very detailed. It comes with five pieces of interchangeable palms and multiple accessories and costumes.

11. LEGO Batman Set #7888 Tumbler: Joker’s Ice Cream Surprise

LEGO and Batman fans NEED this special Batman Set #7888 Tumbler: Joker’s Ice Cream Surprise set to add to their collection! Released back in 2008, the set is a collector’s piece and features Batman’s massive armored crime-fighting car straight from the movies as you get to re-enact the scene where Batman puts the Joker behind bars. And for $849.99, you have to seriously be a die-hard LEGO/Batman fan.

10. Batman Hot Wheels 1966 1:18 Scale Elite Chrome Batmobile

Not many can remember the old school Batman, but it’s okay…that’s what Netflix is for, right? And for those who love Batman’s awesome ride, this Hot Wheels 1966 1:18 Scale Elite Chrome Batmobile is a perfect addition to any collection and a steal at only $139.99.

9. The Dark Knight Rises Batman U-Command Radio Remote Control Batmobile

Because the Batmobile is practically the most iconic ride EVER, expect lots of cool gadgets like this The Dark Knight Rises Batman U-Command Radio Remote Control Batmobile that’s only $44.99. While it may be a kid’s toy, adults will surely have lots of fun with it.

8. Dark Knight Armory Diorama

This custom-made Batman Armory Diorama for 1:16 scale is quite the collectible item. It features LED top lights, rotating weapons organizer racks, swiveling front and back doors and more. Since each one is made-to-order, you have to email them to get pricing info, but expect to dish out some hefty change.

7. The Dark Knight Halloween Costume

While this The Dark Knight Halloween Costume might be a bit much to wear to theater, it would rock for this year’s Halloween festivities. It’s so realistic with its Latex molded accessories that you just might be mistaken for Christian Bale while wearing it! And for its $438.99 price, you’d expect it to be very realistic.

6. The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler Camouflage Version

Here’s another very needed Batman collectible! The 1/16th scale Tumbler is authentically detailed and painted in desert camouflage color. It comes with headlights that light up, a cockpit that opens and movable breaking flaps.

5. The Dark Knight Rises 1/16 Scale Batman Figurine

Man, does Hot Toys make some ultra-real collectibles! Here’s another Batman item from them that portrays the Dark Knight himself. It’s 32 cm tall and also has 32 points of articulation. No word on price yet, but except to pay a pretty penny!

4. Batman Money Clip

Even if you are a semi-core Batman enthusiast who isn’t about to drop a lot of cash on ultra-real figurines or LEGO sets, you can still rock your love for Batman with this special Batman money clip that’s only $39.99 at ThinkGeek. It’ll hold your cash in style since its finished in matte black rubberized coating and uses magnets to stay closed, while opening to look like a real life Batarang!

3. Batman Nokia Lumia 900

Sport your Batman pride with this super sleek Batman Nokia Lumia 900 that’s finished in black and includes a laser-etched Batman symbol on the back of the handset. Also included is a special Dark Knight Rises app that’ll give you all the latest Bamtan news, images and more. It’s only available in the UK right now and is a limited edition item, with only 900 units made. And it sells for a whopping $931!

2. Batman Motorcycle Suit

For all you serious bikers out there, ride in style with a super awesome Batman Motorcycle Suit from UD Replicas. Every element was designed from the ground up, using the movie as a guide for the suit, so expect lots of realistic touches like segmented armor (like Batman’s version) for greater freedom of movement and added agility without compromising any protection. You can buy the suit in parts or pick up the entire thing for a mere $1,296 (CDN).

1. The Batman Tumblr Golf Cart

This is for the serious fans only! The Batman Tumblr Golf Cart is a on-off creation that’s pretty freaking awesome! Forget the golf course, you’ll want to fight crime in this bad boy, even though it’ll be slow as hell.

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