13 Alternative Panorama Apps for iOS 6 (list)

360 Panorama Roundup

For those who have updated their iPhones to iOS6 will notice that they can now snap up pictures using the new panorama mode. The new mode is capable of capturing 240-degree photos. That’s a huge improvement for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 uses, but the native iOS Camera app might not live up to the test once

13. Panorama 360 Camera

One touch is all you need for this $0.99 app to really capture the big panorama picture you want! The app allows you to create seamless, ultra-wide pictures with a huge field of view of up to 360 degrees! It can also automatically capture and combine high-speed burst of full-res images, as well as capture from clockwise or from left to right.

 12. Panorama Free

The name says it all! All you need to do is take a few shots of what you want and let its merger technology do the rest. Instead of taking one picture of the entire scene, this app breakd it down with various shots to merge into one big panoramic shot. Simpel to use and free makes it an app to at least try.

11. SpinCam

The free app lets you captures imaes in 360-degree immersive 3D quality. It uses the gyroscope to work its magic so you’ll need an iPhone 4 or higher to do so. You can also share your spins on various social networks and even like other people’s spin as you would like a picture on Instagram.

10. Pixeet 360

The free app allows you to create 360-spherical panorama (floor toe ceiling) in only four shots. It has portrait or landscape mode and features auto exposure and vignetting correction for the perfect panoramas. For those who use panorama apps like these for virtual tours of building, hotels, etc., the app also has a free hosting plan with unlimited panorama storage so you can easily upload it to your site.

9. TourWrist

This app leverages the native iOS Camera Panorama capture in iOS 6, but if you don’t have a 4S or 5 you can still get a lot out of this app. The app provides you the ability to capture tours of where you’re at by either turning around to get the big picture, or by going up and down to reveal the entire picture of a huge monument in fornt of you and then share! You can create your own tours or check out what others have posted for free with a simple download!

8. PanoMinute

This app is fairly new to the Ppnoramic app game, but its free, provides 360-degree image capturing ability in high resolution (up to 15000 x 2000 or 30 megapixels, depending on the device you have. It’s free so you can download it, try it out and see if makes the cut to be your go-to panoramic app.

7. AutoStich Panorama

Take wide-angle panoramas of up to 18 megapixels with no visible seams with this $1.99 app. The app allows you to stich photos in any order or arrangement, including vertical, horizontal or mixed arrangements! The StichGuide mode helps you learn how to properly use the app that, but it’s pretty simple to use thanks to its intuitive interface.

6. Sfera

The name might be a bit weird, but the 360-degree photo app is pretty cool since you can record a 20 second sound sequence during the photo shoot. The app allows you to take three different kinds of panoramic photos, include traditional panorama, 360-degree capture of an object/person by turning clockwise around your modell and even behind you using your front-facing device. Download it for $1.99.

5. Pano

The award-winning app lets you take beautiful panoramic photos as easy as it is to open the app! It was voted one of the “Best Apps of 2009” and is even included in Apple’s “App Store Essentials Hall of Fame” so that should tell you how much Apple liked it before it gave it’s iOS 6 one of its own. It’s goes for $1.99.

4. 360 Panorama

Just like the title tells, this app allows you to easily take 360-panoramas everywhere. And it allows you to do seamlessly in seconds. You can also tag each location and use your gyroscope to interact and look around in 360 degrees. It’s only $0.99 in the app store.

3. YouSpin 360 Lite

With this app, you can create 3D animation with 360-degree snaps. The app uses stop-frame for animation so you can really create some unique panoramic images. You can also embed the pic for free in other websites via YouSpin Co and share it on all social networks.  And it’s free!

2. Photosynth

Voted the No. 2 iPhone app back in 2011, this app allows you to capture and share interactive panoramas of places, people and events, using the latest computer vision techniques! So not only can you capture from left to right, but also up and down so you can capture a full “sphere.” Oh, and did we mention it’s free in the app store!

1. DMD Panorama

This app is one of the most downloaded panoramic apps out there…and one of the most easiest to use. The caption system is automatic and fast, taking less than a second to get the desired result. It even offers three light exposure modes and allows you to capture up to 360 degrees…more than the 240 the native camera app allows for! Download it for $1.99!

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  1. E M

    DMD is numero uno. Also, they just upgraded to the HD option (up to 40mb).

    PS: Besides this great review, I’ve also noticed some very nice “features” of author herself. It is always a pleasure to read something that was written by a beautiful woman.

  2. steve

    “and one of the most easiest to use” – might read better as – “and one of the easiest to use”. Using “most” and “easiest” together is not the most bad grammer… :)

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  3. AT

    Great apps you have here! Hope you could feature a list for Android panorama apps too…

  4. Erlend

    Thanks for this great review of YouSpin! You can also use this app to see how you look in 360. Thanks again for the 3rd place!

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